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All of our trainers are seasoned experts in their trade, whether it be strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, cycling or swimming. We feel very confident that we can match you with an attentive and compatible trainer to assist you in any fitness endeavor, from developing a well rounded fitness routine to competing in a high level event.

Master Personal Trainers
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  • Alon Kay

    Alon Kay
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 20

    Certifications: ACSM

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Special Needs, All humans that want to get stronger, golfers
    Highlights/Accomplishments: 1995 Vogues Top 50 trainers in America

    Favorites: Golf
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  • Ben Himes

    Ben Himes
    Master Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2004

    Certifications: Certified personal trainer through International Sports Science Association. Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M in Neurophysiology and Psychology.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Ben specializes in training athletes, general fitness clients, as well as those suffering from chronic pain. He helps athletes understand and develop timing and procedural control over the cognitive and sensorimotor skills involved in high level athletic activity, helping them grow strong, fast, and more powerful. His specialties also include Corrective Posture Exercise and Chronic Pain Reduction.

    Ben helps educate fitness clients about their bodies. Keeping them healthy and training consistently, thus reaching their goals faster and sustaining their active lifestyles. Ben also helps chronic pain sufferers return to functional, pain free, joyful lives.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Ben was drafted out of high school by Tampa Bay. He played collegiately at the University of Virginia and Texas A&M. He was an NCAA Division I All-American, NAIA All-American and Player of the Year, and 9th round draft choice of the Cincinnati Reds. He spent two summers in the famous Cape Cod League, and was also featured Jim Collins Book, The Last Best League. Ben went on to play as a professional in the Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees' organizations, and played under the tutelage of several current and former MLB hitting coaches.

    He has worked as a hitting and strength and conditioning coach at the professional level in Europe; coaching in Germany while working with Olympic and national team athletes. Ben Himes has helped dozens of athletes earn collegiate athletic scholarships and sign professional contracts.

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  • Cassandra Henkiel

    Cassandra Henkiel
    Master Trainer
    Trainer Since: 1994

    Certifications: ACE certified since May 1994 & working in the fitness industry since college (1988-1992)

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    General Population: men/women, all ages, fitness levels. Specialized in aerobic/endurance sports/running/strength training
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Elite distance Runner (state, national, and international competition); Running Coach (high school, college, and community levels); June '06: qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials for Marathon Event

    Featured in Runner's World
    Read Article

    Favorites: Food: Noodles and Veggies; Exercise: Outdoor Activities; Interests: Travel and quality time with friends; Sports: HUGE sports fan of it all!
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  • Ellis Montet

    Ellis Montet
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: Over 20 years training professional and non-professional athletes. 10 years as a collegiate level strength & conditioning coach.

    Certifications: Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, Power Plate Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Ellis helps individuals elevate their athletic performance through strength and conditioning. He enjoys inspiring young athletes to develop and reach their goals based on their selected sport; motivating older individuals to increase balance, mobility, bone density, and cardio vascular function; and helping all active individuals overcome chronic and recent injuries through a sensitive and effective approach.

    Ellis has a firm belief that motivation comes from finding a workout style that is fun, effective and unique to each client. He feels inspired to help others reach their fitness goals through Functional Exercise.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Coaching at the collegiate level and helping everyday people reach their health and fitness goals.

    Favorites: Colors: Orange and Light Blue; Dogs: Working dogs are my favorite. I enjoy watching a dog totally immersed into his job and enjoying it. I love socializing with friends and hearing unique perspectives on life.
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  • George Centeno

    George Centeno
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 12

    Certifications: I.S.S.A.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Beginners to collegiate and professional athletes. Strength Conditioning.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: George has been passionate about health and fitness for much of his life. He has a successful history of competitive Body Building, Weight Lifting, Strength Training and Power Lifting. George is known for his functional and focused style of training and has experience with injuries. He is absolutely committed to assisting his clients achieve their health & fitness goals.

    Favorites: Cooking, Food, Riding my Bike, Movies, Meditation, Math and More!
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  • Jerry Gerlich

    Jerry Gerlich
    Master Trainer + Bike Fit Specialist
    Years in the Business: 10

    Certifications: BS in Kinesiology UT Austin, American Council on Exercise (ACE), Power Plate Certified through Power Plate USA

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I do well with Baby Boomers looking to stay or become active. I also do the Lion's share of Bike Fits and Cycling testing. Also help clients gain flexibility via Power Plate and assisted stretching
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I've been cycling for 23 years and working at bike shops for 21 years. I graduated from UT after a 12 year career as a professional drummer. I raced mountain bikes for 6 years on the West coast. I completed the Sally Edwards "Heart Zones" Blue Jersey level heart rate monitor training seminar.

    Favorites: Color: Color: Green; Sport: Cycling (Road and ATB); Food: anything Italian; Exercise: Cycling with Yoga as a close second; Movie: Napoleon Dynamite; TV Show: American's Funniest Home Videos. Number: 8; Beverage: Coffee; Game: Anything I can play with my two boys, Charles and Jackson; Best friend: My wife, Kelly
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  • Jessica Appel

    Jessica Appel
    Master Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2003

    Certifications: American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals, Medical Exercise Specialist Sally Edward's Heart Zones Certified Personal Trainer

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I am passionate about creating real, long term lifestyle change for my clientele. For me that encompasses fitness, eating style, and emotional wellness. I encourage my clients to view their body and health as an expression of all aspects of their lives. My training style is focused on impeccable form, patient and determined practice, positive energy, goal setting and celebrating the victories we will achieve each day.

    Most recently I have become passionate about transforming peoples bodies with a focus on nutrition and heavy lifting. I have been inspired watching people change their lives along with their physiques.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: New Mom to amazing and perfect identical twin boys, Arrow and Boden. Women's Division III basketball player at Trinity University, San Antonio. Three time Ironman finisher. Globetrotter, avid cyclist, aspiring ultra marathoner and crossfitter, former full time bike commuter who now rocks a minvan, certified raw foods chef and all around rad girl. Oh, and I'm funny...like really funny. Seriously.

    Favorites: My favorite thing in this Universe are my fabulously perfect identical twin boys, Arrow and Boden and the best profession I have ever had is being their Mom. My favorite city in the world is Kathmandu, Nepal. My favorite thing is my Soma Rush fixed gear and I've been riding it way to infrequently as of late. My favorite food is fresh, green, organic and spicy. My favorite smoothie is the Joy Ride from Food4Fitness Café. My favorite hairstyle is still the Euro-mullet, which is getting rocked in Istanbul to this day (thank God). I don't get to do it nearly enough but sleep is currently my favorite and most sought after past time. My favorite facial hair configuration is a solid handle bar mustache waxed to perfection. I love documentaries of any subject, I love to rock a pair of cutoffs and I am in love with zippers as a fashion accent.
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  • Minna Harman

    Minna Harman
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 11

    Certifications: • National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF-CPT)
    • IKFF and KBC Certified Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 and 2
    • FMS Certified Exercise Professional Level 1 and 2
    • Primal 7 (PRX7) Certified Instructor
    • Trigger Point Performance therapy programming for professionals
    • Trigger Point Performance Ultimate Six
    • Power Plate Certified
    • First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    • Individual attention to each clients needs for their fitness, wellness and performance improvement
    • Strength Training
    • Biomechanics and Ergonomics
    • Kettlebell sport and conditioning
    • Back and shoulder injury prevention
    • Flexibility and mobility
    • Kickboxing
    • Rock climbing
    • Body composition improvement
    • Core and Functional training
    • Ski and snowboard conditioning
    • Suspension Training (TRX and Primal 7)
    • Nutrition and wellness
    • Athletic conditioning
    • Yoga inspired training
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Minna grew up in the Arctic climate of Finland, where she studied Civil, Safety and Environmental Engineering. After moving to US, she completed her MS in Occupational Safety and Health at Murray State University, KY. She focused on ergonomic problems at workplace, and continuously motivated and inspired people to wellness and fitness to improve their quality of life. The positive impact she made at the workplace inspired her to change her lifelong passion with wellness and fitness to full time career in personal training.

    • Achieved a Sport Rank 1 in Kettlebell Biathlon competition 2012 (RGSF)
    • 1st at 2009 Central TX Regional Cup W4 Bicycle Road Racing (8 events)
    • Aerial Silks (acrobatics) performer
    • Placing in top 3 in numerous local outdoor rock climbing competitions from 2002 to present
    • Experience in road and mountain biking, triathlons, running (5k to marathon), winter sports (Nordic skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, downhill skiing), equation, swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding, rollerblading, and more!

    Favorites: Minna spends her free time doing: Dog agility, running, rock climbing, birding, handstand pushups, back bends, kettlebell conditioning, and fusion cooking with real, local ingredients.
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  • Robert Reed

    Robert Reed
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 13

    Certifications: ACE certified personal trainer, 5th generation 5th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system, 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. 2008 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction - Instructor of the Year.
    Completed two strength and conditioning internships one with UT Austin and one with the New Orleans Saints

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    General and sports specific conditioning. Martial arts training and conditioning
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Four year letterman and three year starter for the UT Longhorns. Voted several time AP player of the week and finished his career as a CFA all american. Was ranked as the 7th best linebacker in the nation by draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. Had professional playing stops in Philidelphia with the Eagles and in the CFL with the Hamilton Tigercats.

    Favorites: Black is my favorite color. It's so regal. I could watch baseball from sun up to sun down. I'm a Phi Beta Sigma man.
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  • Tara Penawell

    Tara Penawell
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 10

    Certifications: NSCA-PT, Certified Eating Coach, Masters in Kinesiology from UT Austin, B.S in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State, Level one Primal 7 certification, FMS Professional, Level One

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I believe that fitness should be a part of everyone's life, so I enjoy working with a variety of clientele and skill ranges. The most rewarding clients for me are the ones making a lifestyle change or just learning how to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. My clients have ranged in age from teenager to older adult. My specialties are basic strength and conditioning, functional training, injury prevention/recovery, and weight loss.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Splash Triathlon 2005, Danskin Triathlon 2011, helping several of my clients lose over 50 lbs.

    Favorites: Learning something new, the color blue, lunges and squats, traveling, and film.
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  • Certified Personal Trainers
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  • Juan Anguiano

    Juan Anguiano
    Yoga Instructor - Ashtanga Mysore
    Juan earned a degree in Athletic Training from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. His clinical work on- and off-the-field with UT and St. Edward's University involved working on athletes from a range of disciplines, including: track and field, volleyball, swimming, diving, football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and golf.

    He is certified through the Board of Certification and licensed in the state of Texas to provide sports medicine support for athletes and the general population with a focus on emergent care, orthopedic evaluation of musculo-skeletal injury and illness, therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation guidance. As an allied health professional he is able to collaborate with physicians and physical therapists to ensure continuity of care for clients who are seeking to transition from rehab to a more active lifestyle and athletes who are seeking to return to play.

    Juan obtained his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise in 2010. In 2003 he trained in massage through the Lauterstein-Conway School of massage in Austin. He has practiced yoga since the late 90's and has been teaching yoga for 15+ years with a focus on applying a therapeutic perspective of yoga for diverse populations from children to seniors and the sedentary to athletic.

    Personal Training sessions with Juan integrate research and evidence-based practices tailored to each client's personal goals while also providing individualized programs that address imbalances that have been acquired through the demands of sport, daily life, injury or illness.

    In addition to his work in fitness and teaching yoga he also works as a medical scribe for an orthopedic surgeon and a plastic surgeon at Austin Bone and Joint Clinic.

    His other interests include being active outside as much as possible, exploring and studying movement, reading about history, spending time with a small group of close friends and family, and honing his skills as a DJ.

  • Amid Archibald

    Amid Archibald
    Personal Trainer
    Years in the Business: Martial Arts 23, Training, 6

    Certifications: International Sports Science Association; World Taekwondo Federation 4th Dan Black Belt under Kukkiwon; Certified Insanity Instructor; SandBell Level 1 Cert.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Focus. Discipline. Results.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year
    Taekwondo Olympic Trial Invitation
    Assistant Coach A&M Collegiate UC Berkley
    Texas State Champion-Competitor

    Favorites: Musica

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  • Ash Atwood

    Ash Atwood
    Personal Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2011

    Certifications: -BS in Exercise Science from UNC-Wilmington
    -Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS)

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Ashs early career focused on athletes, providing strength and conditioning for the tennis and track and field teams at the Seahawk Center for UNC-Wilmington. She seeks to bring out the inner athlete in all her clients, whether they are seeking weight loss, building muscle, increasing strength, or improving balance and mobility. She enjoys tailoring workouts based on how individual bodies move and function and works to make every workout fun and challenging. She encourages her clients to have a holistic approach towards their health and wellness.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Ash competed as a gymnast for ten years, and competed as a pole vaulter and hammer thrower at the Division 1 collegiate level. She has been training in Austin since 2012. Her proudest Austin client success story is helping a client lose more than 130 pounds over a two-year period and to maintain her weight loss and healthy lifestyle in the two years since. To celebrate, Ash took her client ziplining, and the client took herself on a fabulous vacation to Europe!

    Favorites: Handstands, skateboarding, getting outside with the dog, traveling, persimmons.
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  • Rachael Bercey

    Rachael Bercey
    Massage Therapist
    Years in the Business: Trainer since 2007 and Massage Therapist since 2001

    Certifications: M.Ed in Secondary Education in 1995, Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy 2003, National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training 2007, Kinesio Taping 2010, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist 2013, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist 2013, Certified Functional Movement Specialist 2013.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Beginners, over 40 anyone interested in joint-friendly exercises. As an educator and massage therapist I am a good fit for people who are interested in getting back into, beginning, or maintaining a focus-on-form fitness program. Anyone drawn to improving their mobility, stability, and strength as well developing good form outside of the gym setting (functional movement) and reducing pain through safe and effective movement patterns
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Peace Corp Volunteer in Costa Rica, teaching middle school on the Havasupai Reservation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and completing National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course for educators.

    Favorites: Education, health, family, art, and green chili.
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  • Hilary Chung

    Hilary Chung
    Personal Trainer
    Years in the Business: Running Coach, 8; Personal Training, 6

    Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, USA Track and Field Certified Coach, CPR Certified
    Primal-7 Certified; Dynamax Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Runners and athletes. Endurance Training, Women looking to create long, lean muscles by toning. I love working with new and expecting mother's. Circuit training.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Qualifying and placing in nationals all four years in college. Going from sprinter to running/qualifying for Boston Marathon. Giving birth and being a mommy to my beautiful son.

    Favorites: My family! Running, swimming, circuit training, cooking and shopping
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  • Thomas Damron

    Thomas Damron
    Certified Personal Trainer + Massage Therapist
    Years in the Business: Since 2015

    Certifications: • LMT Lauterstein Conway 500 hour
    • CSCS National Strength and Conditioning Association
    • RKC Kettlebell Instructor Level I
    • BBA Texas State University

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    • Movement Quality
    • Hardstyle Ketllebell
    • Neuromuscular Therapy
    • Orthopedic Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • TRX
    • Bodyweight Training
    • Getting stronger and moving better regardless of age
    Highlights/Accomplishments: After years of chronic pain and recurring injuries, Thomas sought the help of a knowledgeable massage therapist and personal trainer who helped him move better, gain strength, and take control of his health. This experience sparked a passion to help others find a pain-free, active life, and inspired a fascination with all things bodywork and movement-related. His goal as a therapist and trainer is to provide long-term solutions to pain and injury conditions through personalized, effective, and efficient treatments.

    Favorites: • Doing the work
    • Playing music in Austin
    • Mexican food and Margaritas
    • Swimming at Barton Springs
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  • Shannon Dolan

    Shannon Dolan
    Personal Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2011

    Certifications: Shannon Dolan is a Certified Personal Trainer, through the American College of Sports Medicine, who has been active in the fitness industry for over four years.

    Shannon has a Degree in Applied Nutrition with minors in both Strength and Conditioning as well as in Art from the University of Delaware. Over the years she has gained certifications with American Council on Exercise for both a Health Coach certification and Functional Training Specialist. Other certifications include a Level One Instructor for the Titelist Performance Institute, and Power Pilates Mat One and Two.

    Favorites: Running outside, spending time with her dog and horse, reading, and doing art.
    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Shannon believes workouts should focus on what each individual needs to help improve them in daily life. Workouts may focus on sports specific or lifestyle specific movements, as well as creating a balance between muscle groups for overall strength. Most importantly Shannon believes in listening to what your body needs and feels during each movement to create a better mind body connection in order to reduce the risk of injury.

    When training with Shannon you can expect to learn the "why" behind exercises, get tips on nutrition/ how to live a healthy lifestyle, and have fun while you sweat!
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  • Alex Dotte

    Alex Dotte
    Personal Trainer + Webmaster
    Trainer Since: 2008

    Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 2008; ACC Personal Fitness Trainer 2008; B.A. Computer Science + Philosophy UT-Austin 2006; CPR Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Teaching body mechanics and strength conditioning to individuals and small groups of all ages and abilitie
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I was born in Austin but was introduced to weight training as a teenager by my grandfather the legendary Warren Tetting of St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the years I've practiced Olympic-style weightlifting, cycling, Ashtanga yoga, classical Pilates and have had the fortune of studying with multiple teachers at Castle Hill Fitness.

    Favorites: Squats, pushups, riding bicycles, writing code, raising chickens, playing trombone, time with friends and family
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  • Chad Kraus

    Chad Kraus
    Personal Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2015

    Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, American Heart Association CPR & AED Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Strength, Weight Loss Training, Plyometrics, Sports Conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training, Performance Enhancement, Lifestyle Coaching.

    Growing up, Chad was very active in the world of sports. From basketball, baseball, soccer, to track & field, he did it all. Through his own personal health, fitness, and wellness journey, Chad developed a passion for helping others change their lives through fitness. After years of struggling with his weight and body image issues, he decided to take control of his life and lost over 100 poundsAfter that, there was no looking back! Dedication and perseverance propelled him to his goals and beyond; Chad strives to offer his clients the same energy. He doesnt want to just work out bodies, he wants to change lives and help people make lifelong, positive changes.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Over the years, this rare, native Austinite has competed in sporting events at a national level, received numerous awards for photography exhibits, and accomplished a personal goal of losing 100 pounds. But his biggest achievements in life thus far has been obtaining the NASM Personal Trainer Certification and helping people achieve their fitness goals. Chad has also trained and cared for the friendly canines at Austin Dogtown for years!

    Favorites: Weight training, cuddling my pups, hiking, being outdoors, going to live music shows, listening to the oldies, drinking coffee, crafting, learning to cook new things, T-Bar rows.
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  • Nicole Rause
    Trainee Trainer

    Nicole Rause
    Personal Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2016

    Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer; CPR/AED Certified

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    General population, weight loss, balance, overall fitness.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: As a former collegiate athlete and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, physical fitness has always been a huge part of Nicoles life. Nicole takes a comprehensive view of all factors of fitness when creating physical wellness plans for her clients. Her top priority is to help her clients see positive results through a holistic point of view. You can expect your sessions with Nicole to be fun, dynamic, and challenging with a focus on balance, body weight, and total body conditioning techniques.

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  • Tiffany Sipos

    Tiffany Sipos
    Personal Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2015


    Specialties/Focus in Training:
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