Appointment Cancellation Policy

We observe a 24-hour cancellation policy on all personal services. All sessions must be canceled 24-hours in advance to the time of the appointment. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged the full amount of the session. 

Childcare Policies (360 Location)

The policies and guidelines below are designed to make the time your children spend with us happy, healthy, and enjoyable!


  • Infants = 6 weeks old to walking independently. 1 hour max visit time. Reservations are required for infants.
  • All Other Children = 2 hour max visit time. Reservation recommended.
  • Parents must remain on-site in the gym when utilizing Childcare.


Reservations: can be made 24 hour in advance by calling the studio phone. Times start on the hour and half-hour.
Cancellations: Please call us. If you cannot make your time, please be courteous to other parents trying to make reservations.
Late/Early Arrivals: Please do not drop off early or pick up late. We schedule reservations to maximize the use of childcare for all parents.


Please make alternative arrangements if your child is currently sick, has had a fever in the last 48 hours, didn’t attend school because of illness, or has yellow or green mucus.


Our childcare facility follows the Texas Department of State Health Services recommendations for childcare facilities.  Review the immunization requirements here.


  • Check-ins: Please fill out our sign-in sheet completely upon arrival.
  • Check-out: We require the same person dropping off a child to pick up the child unless indicated otherwise on drop-off


  • Spill-proof cups, lovies, pacifiers, or other security items.
  • Healthy, peanut-free snacks
  • Please label everything with your child’s name. Notify the caregiver which items are your child’s.


  • Toys from home. We offer safe and healthy Melissa & Doug toys and books.
  • Any snacks with peanuts
  • Gum


  • Diaper Changes: Children should have a clean diaper when they arrive. If your child needs a diaper change while in our care, we will change the diaper.
  • Potty Training? Let us know your child’s progress and we will support them! However, if they are having frequent accidents please consider bringing your child in a pull-up.


We are very experienced in helping little ones adjust to new settings. Don’t you worry! However, here’s some helpful tips to make your child’s first visit to our childcare a success:

  • Let our staff know a bit about your child (they like puzzles, favorite color is blue)
  • Endeavor to plan your workout time that is not during your child’s nap or feeding time.
  • If your child is at a stage where separation is difficult, please let us know. We have helped many parents work through this stage. If your child cries for longer than 10 minutes, we will locate you.
  • We are happy to give you any updates on your child while they are in our care. Simply ask our front desk and they can page us to report.
Class Reservation Policy

Avoid getting late cancelled! Check in with the front desk before you enter class! Cancel your class reservation 4 hours or more before class start time to avoid a cancellation fee (see no shows/late cancels)

  • Reservation – payment or an active membership is required to reserve your spot in a class online or through the app. You can reserve online or on the app for classes two days in advance. The sooner you reserve for a class the more likely you are to get a spot. Walk-ins are available on a first come basis. Read more about our recent reservation policy change...
  • Cancellation – you may cancel your reservation online or in the MindBody Connect App without penalty up to 4 hours prior to class start; once you advance cancel your class pass will be unused and added back to your account for future use. Customer Service staff will not be able to early cancel your class reservation for you.
  • Arrivals/Late Arrivals – You must make every effort to arrive early and check in at the front desk for class. If you do not get checked in by the class start time you risk being accidentally charged a no-show fee or have your spot given to someone who is waiting.
  • Be on time. Anyone who has not arrived by class start time to a fully reserved class without prior notice will have their spot given to a waiting list client. If you are delayed, let our front desk know immediately so your spot can stay reserved. CALL (512) 478-4567. If you don’t get a hold of us hit redial and keep trying until you do – we want you to make your class.
  • No Show/Late Cancels – Cancellations within 4 hours of the class start time or no shows will incur the following:
    • Monthly Membership holders: $8
    • Drop-in clients: Single Class pass or the reduction of one class from a non-member class package
  • Waitlist – For classes that are fully reserved you can put yourself on the online waitlist.

Waitlist clients will be added in the order they signed up to the class list. Find your position on the waitlist in your personal profile schedule. (

The earlier you sign up on a waitlist the better your chances of getting in a class.

If a space opens up you will receive an email and/or text to confirm the class, so please make sure your email notifications are on.

When notified you have been added on to a class list you will have the option to decline. If you cannot attend then cancelling your spot will allow the next person on the list to be added, notified, and given an option to confirm and so on. If you do not do anything and don’t attend class you may be charged a no show fee.

Still on the waitlist the day of class? We recommend that you come ready to take class as there is a chance of someone no showing and spaces opening up at class start time. Please visit our front desk to check your status.

Dress Code

In order to minimize the risk of disease transmission as well as extend the life of our equipment, participants in the fitness center are required to abide by the following while working out:

  • Patrons must wear appropriate attire at all times. Offensive, suggestive, or overly revealing attire is unacceptable.
  • Patrons must wear shoes with a closed toe and closed heel. Clothing that is not allowed while exercising:
  • Garments with belts, metal rivets, or exposed zippers.
  • Excessively loose clothing – this type could get caught in equipment.
  • Street clothing materials, such as denim, canvas, or military fatigues can compromise safety and are prohibited.
  • Dark-soled shoes that mar the floors, boots, dress shoes, open toes, sandals, or flip flops are prohibited

* Dress code parameters may be adjusted to accommodate certain class formats that require no shoes (Barre, Yoga, Pilates) – Going barefoot is only appropriate during those classes and in those studios.

Appropriateness of the clothing will be held to the discretion of Castle Hill administrative staff. If clients do NOT adhere to the dress code, they will be asked to change or to leave for the day.

Facility Use by Outside Trainers/Providers

Service providers or trainers that are not employed by Castle Hill Fitness are prohibited to perform their services in our facility. Thank you for helping us to support and respect our Castle Hill Fitness staff.

House Etiquette
  • Always check in at the front desk with your name or member card
  • Please wear appropriate shoes & attire while on the gym floor. Please see our dress code for appropriate attire.
  • Use towels sparingly & return them to designated hampers
  • Dispose of trash in waste bins, plastic in recycling bins, and composting in compost bins
  • Return props & mats, especially those borrowed from classrooms
  • Do not take indoor mats &/or soft medicine balls outside for any reason
  • Always spray down equipment & mats after use
  • Re-rack rubber weight plates after use
  • Be considerate and allow others to "work in" on a piece of equipment while you rest or in between sets - especially when the floor is busy. 
  • Use a spotter when handling heavy free weights
  • Do not jerk, slam, or drop weights
  • Schedule a FREE orientation at our front desk if you are unfamiliar with any equipment
  • Children under the age 14 must be supervised by a parent or trainer at all times. Please see our Policy on Minors for additional details.
  • Report any maintenance issues to the front desk immediately
  • Show kindness & patience to everyone around you
  • We want to limit cell phone use, please see our Mobile Device Policy for additional details.
  • We listen! Please express your concerns with a manager before they turn into problems
Mobile Phone Policy

Whether you’re here to visit our spa, take a class, train with someone, or do your own thing — Castle Hill Fitness is your sanctuary. The following mobile device policy is designed to enhance the experience of all our clients while you escape outside distractions and demands:

  • Mobile device conversations may be taken in designated areas, while being mindful of others
  • If wearing headphones, mobile devices may be used for listening to audio, watching videos, and using fitness-related applications.
  • Please do not use your mobile devices during classes. If you are awaiting an important call or need your phone to assist you in the class, alert your instructor beforehand.
  • For your safety, please no phone conversations while exercising or using equipment.
  • For the privacy of all, photography and/or videotaping is not allowed without prior authorization of any person who is visible.
  • Photography and/or videotaping is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms. Please take phone conversations outside

If at any point the use of your mobile device interferes with your safety or the experience of others, you will be asked to take it outside.

Pet Policy

Animals other than service animals are not allowed to enter the Castle Hill Fitness building. As well, to protect the safety of our clients and their pets, we do not allow unattended dogs to be left anywhere on Castle Hill Fitness premises.

Photo ID

Planning a visit to Castle Hill Fitness? Bring your ID. For the safety of our members and guests, a photo ID is required at your first visit. 

Policy on Minors

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the gym facilities. Members are welcome to bring children between the ages of 10 and 13 to the gym to work out under the supervision of a parent for free. Children 14 and older are welcome to join as members at our discounted student rate. Children are not allowed in the pool areas unless participating in a swim lesson.

Series and Workshop Cancellation Policy

If you are signed up for an event and find you cannot make it, please alert us as soon as possible. We will give a full refund for cancellations 7 or more days in advance. No refunds will be given for no shows or 48 hours before an event. Castle Hill Fitness reserves the right to cancel programs at any time – for which we offer full refunds.

Swim Lesson Guidelines & Tips

Thank you for your interest in swim lessons at Castle Hill Fitness 360. The following policies and guidelines are designed to make the time you and your swimmer spend with us safe and fun. We appreciate your business!


  • Swim lessons are available for ages 3 and older. Children must be potty trained.
  • Please make all appointments and schedule adjustments directly with your instructor.
  • We require at least 24-hour notice of cancellation to avoid being charged for the lesson.


  • Be on time. Swim lessons may not be automatically extended due to late arrivals.
  • When you arrive, please check in at the front desk.
  • Please make sure your child has visited the bathroom prior to their lesson.
  • Children must be supervised by their parent/guardian before and after their swim lessons.
  • Please note: Free swim for children is not allowed before or after a lesson.


  • Parents must stay onsite at CHF360 during swim lessons.
  • Parents must be available to take their children to the restroom during lessons if necessary.
  • Please no food on the pool deck, hot tub, or sauna areas.


  • A bathing suit is required in the swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and steam areas.
  • Female swim students are asked to wear one-piece swim suits.
  • Goggles that do not cover the nose are highly recommended.
  • Swim cap or pony tail is suggested for long hair.
  • Fins and other equipment may be suggested by your instructor.


There are two areas for changing clothes – 2 private bathrooms upstairs and the locker rooms on the main floor.

  • In the locker rooms, children age 4 and over must change in the room of their gender with a parent/guardian.
  • Children age 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times in the locker rooms.



    • No running on the pool deck.
    • No horseplay, jumping or diving is allowed in the pool or wet areas.
    • In the event of lightning or thunder in the vicinity of CHF360, the pool, and wet areas (hot tub, steam and saunas) will be cleared for a minimum of 15 minutes from the last strike.
    • Children age 13 and under are not allowed in the pool or hot tub unless accompanied by a CHF360 swim instructor. Parents may not take their child into the water with them.