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Youth & Teen Fitness

Castle Hill Fitness has a number of personal trainers that can provide exercise programs that are geared specifically towards a younger client. The importance of youth fitness cannot be overemphasized. Our fitness coaches can provide programs that will improve coordination, body awareness, strength, and endurance while having fun in a supportive environment.



Whether it's schools cutting back on physical education or because more neighborhoods offer limited options for safe play - kids today are facing challenges to staying physically fit. Research indicates that children that are engaged in healthy exercise are more likely to continue to be active as adults and yet only an estimated 51.6% of high schoolers go to physical education classes.


  • Promotes positive mental health and can reduce the risk of suicide
  • Builds bone density
  • Prolongs cognitive decline
  • Decrease the chances of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.



Studies show that when children engage in regular exercise it helps improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. Students who are physically active also tend to have better grades and school attendance.

View the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for youth physical activity.


Physical activity is one of the best ways a young person can improve their health. If you are a parent of a young person interested in beginning an exercise program, or you yourself are a young person ready to improve your performance in school, home, and life – our youth and teen fitness professionals are ready to program an appropriate age and ability specific workout routine for you.

Alon is an amazingly knowledgeable trainer who has been training me for over 15 years. I cannot imagine training with anyone else.

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