Castle Hill Fitness offers a multitude of formats in which to improve your health and fitness. In our small group, multi-week series, you will receive focused attention and experience progressive learning objectives. Our one day workshops provide an opportunity to dive deep into a particular topic or training type. We also offer in-depth teacher trainings and intensives for those that want to take their passion into a profession. Keep scrolling for our upcoming calendar of events in Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga.

Mindful Movement: Music Mondays at the Carpenter Hotel

with Collette Ouseley-Moynan & DJ Cassandra

Mondays at 6pm

Start the week with the intention to give yourself a moment to ground and move mindfully. Collette will guide you through a flowy Vinyasa practice, cooling down with a guided meditation. The addition of a specially curated live DJ set by Cassie will leave you with all the feels. Take these vibes with you as you move through your week. 

BYO mat, water, and towel. Class will be held outside in the Q-Hut. Social distancing will be maintained and masks are worn until on the mat. Open to all! 

April 26, May 24, and June 28 4th Monday of each month 6-7pm at The Carpenter Hotel PRICING $25/single event - members $30/single event - nonmembers $60/all events - members $75/all events - nonmembers

Click the button below to sign up for individual sessions:

Or sign up for all 3 events below! About Collette and DJ Cassandra Collette is a 500hr E-RYT yoga teacher and mindfulness guide who has been teaching in Austin for the last 10 years. Cassie Shankman is an Austin-based DJ, sound curator, composer, producer, and educator. This duo has been teaming up to bring movement and music events to the Austin community since 2017. After a long year off, they are SO EXCITED to bring back their signature collaboration and to move and groove with you again! 

Foundational Pilates: Equipment Series

with Ashley Weber + Brooke Howard

Tuesdays at 1pm
Establishing a strong foundation of understanding is the key to progression.
Join Brooke and Ashley in this small group series exploring the principles of Pilates. Whether your goal is to join a class or gain a deeper understanding of your body, this class is designed to educate and inspire. You will have the opportunity to practice the basic foundational exercises on each piece of equipment leaving you feeling stronger, and more in-tune with your body.

This series is designed for true beginners, yet beneficial for all. No Pilates experience necessary. 

Now with TWO options!

May 2-23 June 6-27 July 11-25 August 1-22 Sundays with Ashley 10-10:55am

May 4-25 June 8-29 July 6-27 August 3-24 Tuesdays with Brooke 1-1:55pm

Both options in the Pilates Studio.

$112 members $124 nonmembers VIP save extra 10% Please sign up in Advance

About Brooke Brooke was first introduced to Pilates for strength and conditioning as a young ballet dancer. She's been practicing since 2003, and completed her Peak Pilates certification program in 2017. For Brooke, it's a joy to share the benefits of Pilates with clients of all ages and stages. 

About Ashley Ashley loves to help people achieve their goals through Yoga and Pilates. She is drawn to both mind-body disciplines for their strengthening, grounding, and nervous system-regulating properties. Her teaching style can be described as skillful, intuitive, and caring - helping her students feel empowered in their movement practices. 

Intermediate Pilates Flow: Equipment Series

with Brooke Howard, Lindsay Lark, and Clear Hadden-Gunther

Three Weekly Options!
Return to the gym in this focused, small group experience to help create length and strength on the Tower, Reformer, and Wunda chair. This intermediate flow will provide that necessary push forward, challenging the full body to achieve your goals.
Injuries welcome. Required 6 months of Pilates equipment experience.

The limit is just 4! Now with THREE options:

May 2-23 June 6-27 July 11-25 (3-week series) August 1-22 4-week series Sundays with Lindsay 11-11:55am

May 3-24 June 7-28 July 5-26 August 2-23 Mondays with Clear 4-week series 7-7:55am

May 6-27 June 3-24 July 8-29 August 5-26 Thursdays with Brooke 4-week series 12-12:55pm


3-Week Series $84 members $93 nonmembers

4-Week Series $112 members $124 nonmembers VIP save extra 10% Please sign up in Advance

Located in the Pilates Studio at Downtown.


About Brooke, Clear, and Lindsay For Brooke, it's a joy to share the benefits of Pilates with clients of all ages and stages. 

Clear believes practicing Pilates can deepen and compliment everyone’s fitness goals. With Lindsay, expect a challenging, empowering, and fun way to do Pilates. You are in good hands with these complementary teammates.

Strength Training for Healthy Joints

with Thomas Damron

Tuesdays at 9am
Be more than flexible.

Develop strength and control over your ranges of motion and get the most from your body. This unique 4-week series is built to improve your functional joint mobility and give you the tools necessary to move better with fewer injuries and less pain. Come learn a systemic approach to the art and science of mobility training from Master Trainer and Functional Range Conditioning Specialist, Thomas Damron.

What you will learn:

- How to self assess your unique joint mobility needs - How to establish an individualized daily maintenance routine - How to incorporate this new set of tools into your existing training

The knowledge gained in this series will benefit you for a lifetime. Invest in your health.

No experience required. Recommended for anyone looking for better performance, faster recovery, and less injury.

Questions or current injuries, please email

Limited to just 6!

May 4-25 4-week series Tuesdays 9-10am in Multisport 

PRICING $112 members $132 nonmembers VIP save extra 10% Please sign up in Advance

About Thomas Thomas is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Structural Integration practitioner, and Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. He believes that everyone has the ability to move freely, feel better and pursue any athletic endeavor with confidence and without fear of injury.

Pilates Posture and Balance Equipment Series

with Heather Quiring

Wednesdays at 12pm

Join Heather in this progressive 4-week series developed to bring the foundational elements of posture and balance into play using the Pilates equipment. Proper alignment and improved stability allow the body to function at its highest level without additional strain and effort.

This focused small group series compliments all fitness routines by building deeper body awareness, correction of muscular imbalance, alleviation of back pain, and improved daily functioning. This series takes place in our Pilates studio with 4 personal Pilates pods, HEPA air purifiers, and sanitation supplies.

May 5-26  June 8-29  July 7-28 August 4-25 Wednesdays 4 weeks  12-12:55pm in the Pilates Studio

PRICING $112 member $124 nonmember 10% VIP discount

About Heather Heather's love of movement began at an early age when she started ballet classes. She discovered the benefits of Pilates as a professional dancer. She offers a balanced, fun and challenging mind-body workout, tailoring your session to what your needs are based on daily and long-term goals. Heather works with clients of all ages and capabilities, spanning from athletes, injury prevention, rehabilitation, seniors and pre/postnatal recovery. She also helps active agers with posture and balance so they can stand with confidence and move with ease without losing vitality and freedom as they get older. Heather wants every client to feel confident and empowered with an improved sense of well-being and body awareness after each workout.

Feet to Core Connection: PIlates Series

with Jaime Fruge-Walne

Thursdays at 1pm
Where does the CORE start? Surprise, WITH THE FEET.
Create mobility and strength in the feet to engage the pelvic floor and develop a solid foundation for efficient movement patterns. By building this strong base, you will begin to experience Pilates exercises in a new targeted way. Join this 3-week series to get the most out of your workouts. A stable core equals more power - and it all happens from the feet up!

This small group series takes place in our Pilates studio with 4 personal Pilates pods, HEPA air purifiers, and sanitation supplies.

No Pilates experience required. All levels welcome.

June 3-24 July 15-August 5 Thursdays 1-1:55pm in the Pilates Studio *limited to 4

3-week series $84 members $93 nonmembers 10% discount for VIP

About Jaime Jaime works with clients of all ages and abilities ranging from dancers and athletes, prenatal and postnatal recoveries, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and seniors. She believes Pilates can transform a person's life by incorporating its somatic principals into daily life and designs each workout based on her client's goals/needs for that specific day.