Pilates Chair Workout with Celeste Knickerbocker

Why Sit in a Chair, When You Can Work Out With It Instead?  Celeste’s 30-minute workout routine will deliver on the lengthen and strengthen benefits of Pilates, using any plain ol’ armless chair you have! (Ottomans… Read more.

Cosmic Pilates: Gemini

In Astrology, the positions and movements of the cosmos and planets hold so much sway in our characters and how we connect with the world. Our individual astrological signs even offer insight into our ideal exercises!… Read more.

Free Kids Live-Stream Classes

A Healthy Outlet for All That Energy You and the kids are home all day now, working and home-schooling respectively. Your kiddos need an outlet for all their pent-up energy (and we imagine you need a… Read more.

Free Live-Stream Meditation Classes

  Even when things were ‘normal’, your mind experienced a ton of activity on a daily basis – work, life, digesting info at all times. In recent times, your mind has probably been in overdrive, whirling… Read more.

Meal Plans to the Rescue

Meal Plans Save Time, Money, and Stress Okay! So you followed the CDC’s advice and stocked up your home with pantry staples and the immune-boosting ingredients our Health Coaches recommended – great! Well, now you need… Read more.

A Mat Pilates Routine with Jae Hoon!

An Online Mat Pilates Workout with Jae Hoon Lim On National Pilates Day (Saturday, May 2), we posted a beginner-level Mat Pilates routine with Jaime Fruge-Walne to follow along to – if you’re ready to level… Read more.

A Guide to Our Virtual Resources

In order to attend our classes or make use of our services here at Castle Hill Fitness, you’ve gotta book ’em! Our business utilizes the MindBody software platform for all of our scheduling and purchasing, and… Read more.

A Mat Pilates Routine with Jaime!

An Online Mat Pilates Workout for National Pilates Day Celebrate National Pilates Day with a 30-minute beginner/intermediate level Pilates Mat workout with Pilates instructor, Jaime Fruge-Walne! Grab your mat, turn on your sound, and let Jaime… Read more.

TeleHealth Sessions

YOUR HEALTH IS IN GOOD (VIRTUAL) HANDS The CHF Health Coaching Department is IN – our professionals are ready to guide you in all aspects of healthy living through virtual TeleHealth sessions!  There is a lot… Read more.

Healthy Banana Bread Alternatives

Healthy Banana Bread Swaps Banana bread is having a moment right now. Easy, delicious, comforting…has fruit so it’s…healthy? That’s definitely a stretch, but it’s still a delightful treat to make and enjoy! Banana bread-burnout can be… Read more.