#superfunpopup with Super Fun Yoga Pants

On March 2nd and 5th, 2016 we hosted our 1st #popup event- brought to the Castle by Super Fun Yoga Pants, who- “believe that a life full of your own personal mood-brighteners is a life better led.1

Price Increases Effective April 1, 2016

As our city continues to grow, so does the cost of doing business, particularly in our desirable downtown, central location. Our last increase for personal training prices was in 2011, our last increase in massage was1

Pilates 101 or 102? by Sara Garonzik, Pilates Trainer

Sara Garonzik Pilates Instructor Coming up in March, just after Spring Break and SXSW, Pilates 101 and 102 series will begin again at Castle Hill Fitness. I often have people asking, “Which one is right for1

Member Spotlight: Meet Veronica and Timothy Tarver

How long have you been a member at Castle Hill Fitness, Veronica (V) and Timothy (T)? V&T: We have been members for 1 1/2 years.   What does your regular routine at Castle Hill look like?1

December Meditation Challenge

Welcome to the December Meditation Challenge!  Click the links below to listen to each days meditation and enjoy! Intro to the Meditation Series: December 1st: Photo of River Rock Finished with Gold Leaf by Andy Goldsworthy December1

Pros/Cons to Changing the Online Reservation to 48 hours

Beginning December 15th, 2015 we will change our online reservation advance sign up windows from 2 weeks to 48 hours. We do not make changes in policy without thoroughly weighing the outcomes and analyzing how the1

Jerry Gerlich’s Precision Shaping of Heat Moldable Cycling Shoes

Jerry Gerlich, one of six Steve Hogg “Approved” bike fitters world-wide is constantly refining ways to integrate cyclists and bicycles. The connection between the feet and pedals is the crucial base of a comfortable, efficient and1

The Arm Chairs by Peak Pilates are Installed!

When arms are added to the chair you open up a whole new realm of possibilities to large groups and classes that were too dangerous to attempt before.  They are a fantastic tool for creating stability1

Member Spotlight: Meet Laurie Molter & Andy Hernandez

How long have you been members at Castle Hill? LAURIE: My work, Austin Dogtown joined Castle Hill as a small business member two years ago. ANDY: Two years   What does your regular routine at Castle Hill look1

What’s New for Fall at Food for Fitness

Howdy, fitness aficionados!  Fall is upon us and Food for Fitness Cafe is changing with the season!  The creative kitchen juices have been flowing lately, and we have come up with a number of delicious new1

Composting/Recycling Seminar by City of Austin: Recap

Did you know that 45% of our trash contains materials that could have been recycled? Our Castle Hill Green team was definitely shocked to learn that figure. Our mission as an organization is to research, educate,1

3 Tips to Stick to Your Diet this Fall

  Fall is a great time in Texas. Football starts, the temperature chills out from its “too close to the sun” highs, and we start to fill our calendars with social events, school obligations, and holiday parties1

Your Body is a Marvel, by Michelle Metzler

Our bodies are something of a marvel. The treatment of them is crucial to how we interact with all other bodies- human, mammalian and natural. A healthy body creates an atmosphere for a healthy mind. How1