Who Are We Wednesday: Castle Hill Fitness

Castle Hill Fitness Austin Gym Logo

We’re taking a little detour from our regular WAWW posts to update you about what’s happening around here. We’re super excited to announce that we’re launching our rebrand project this Friday!

As you may know, Einstein Bros. is moving in September and we’re taking over the space, which means that for the first time ever, the entire southwest corner of 12th and Lamar will belong to Castle Hill Fitness. It’s not all going to happen overnight. This Friday we’ll put out the new class schedule, which has been redesigned to include all our group formats in one piece. Already in progress are social media updates, new business cards, new flyer designs, new coupons, new key tags, shirts and other misc. signs. Phase II (later this summer) will include painting the interior, continuing to refresh old signage and paperwork, updating the website and wellness materials. Phase III (fall/winter) will be the exterior and any miscellaneous remaining projects that haven’t been done.

And yes, there will be new swag!


In our logo rebrand kickoff meeting we brainstormed on all the things we feel like Castle Hill Fitness represents. Here are the highlights of the list: real people, funny, authentic, inspiring, honest, inclusive, smart, quirky, kind, inviting, diverse, dynamic, green, Austin, adaptive, fresh, unassuming and body-positive. And here’s what we’re not (and don’t want to be!): exclusive, divisive, elitist, flashy, snobby, faddy or body-shaming. We’ll be using these words as a guide as we further develop the brand.


Now that we had defined what OUR Castle was next we looked up the definition of a “castle.” From Wikipedia, a castle is usually considered “to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble. This is distinct from a palace, which is not fortified, and from a fortress, which was not always a residence for nobility.” A castle is both! Its job is protecting the nobility within. (Kind of like what we do for our minds when we work out our bodies, no?)

So we knew the new logo had to have a castle element to it. We began to research Castle Hill itself and its history in Austin, reading all about the former military institute for which the hill is named. Looking at it on Google Maps using Satellite view, we noticed something interesting. From above, the tower bit has a sort of c-shape. An octagonal C. We used that shape as inspiration for our final logo.

Which we’ll be unveiling here and on our social media channels on Friday. STAY TUNED!!