A Tonic to Boost Immunity

SHERRI LEPLEY’S IMMUNE BOOSTING TONIC We’ve talked before about the importance of maintaining a strong immune system, and how to do that. Exercise, sleep, stress management, and balanced nutrition are the four important cornerstones in supporting… Read more.

Nutrition Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

NUTRITION DOESN’T MEAN YOU NEED TO BE A CHEF In partnership with Farm to Table  On Wednesday, June 24, Shannon Dolan will lead a virtual Buzz Session on how nutrition doesn’t mean you have to be… Read more.

Meal Plans to the Rescue

Meal Plans Save Time, Money, and Stress Okay! So you followed the CDC’s advice and stocked up your home with pantry staples and the immune-boosting ingredients our Health Coaches recommended – great! Well, now you need… Read more.

Healthy Banana Bread Alternatives

Healthy Banana Bread Swaps Banana bread is having a moment right now. Easy, delicious, comforting…has fruit so it’s…healthy? That’s definitely a stretch, but it’s still a delightful treat to make and enjoy! Banana bread-burnout can be… Read more.

Healthy Recipes to Power Up Your Day

A HEALTHY START TO YOUR DAY If there’s one thing shelter-in-place has given you, it’s time, even if you’re still working from home. You no longer have to skip breakfast or rely on a quick grab-n-go… Read more.

The Health Coach’s Guide to Holiday Survival

Sleigh This Holiday Season ‘Tis the season to be BUSY. If your days aren’t already a flurry of activity, then, sure enough, it’s a-comin’! On the one hand, it’s super exciting to have all these fun… Read more.

Holiday Recipe Makeover

WE KNOW YOUR GREAT AUNT’S PIE IS THE BEST. But don’t let Aunt Tilly’s pecan pie recipe ruin your progress to your healthy living goals. Introducing the Holiday Recipe Makeover! Send your favorite holiday staples to… Read more.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month Imperfectly

  Our friends at Imperfect Produce are helping us celebrate National Nutrition Month with a series of pop-ups at our locations! Imperfect is a produce home delivery service on a mission to reduce food waste, helping… Read more.


Contribute to our healthy recipe cookbook!   We at Castle Hill Fitness know that overall health is more than just a fitness goal – it’s about community, refueling, recovering, and challenging your mind and body. In… Read more.

Conquer Healthy Eating With These 5 Strategies

On the road to healthy living, fitness isn’t the only thing we need to be focusing on. Nutrition plays a very large factor in the quality of life. However, as many know, healthy eating takes more than… Read more.

Five Reasons to Love Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies are typically marketed as a health food, full of fruit, juice, and protein.  But, as can often be the case with marketing, looks can be quite deceiving.  Some smoothie bars have smoothies on the menu… Read more.