The New Ergo Lab Studio

THE NEW ERGO LAB SPACE Our Ergo Lab – working space of Elite Personal Trainer and Bike Fit Specialist, Jerry Gerlich – has moved into a new and ideal space for physically-distant Body Remapping and Personal1

Jerry Gerlich: Now With 4 Times the Awesome!

We are excited to announce that Jerry Gerlich, our resident bike fitter, is now level 4 International Bike Fitting Institute certified! Level 4 certified fitters can act as mentors to other candidates to help them through1

Testimonial: BikeFitGuru Chris Balser visits the Castle

Written by Chris Balser I was introduced to Jerry Gerlich from Castle Hill Cycles last spring when he contacted me to discuss my blog post, “Fit Bike? Or Size Cycle?” Speaking with Jerry was a breath1

Jerry Gerlich’s Precision Shaping of Heat Moldable Cycling Shoes

Jerry Gerlich, one of six Steve Hogg “Approved” bike fitters world-wide is constantly refining ways to integrate cyclists and bicycles. The connection between the feet and pedals is the crucial base of a comfortable, efficient and1

Fitting for Four Wheels

This article originally appeared in Steve Hogg’s August 2015 Bike Fit of the Month:  This month’s FOTM (fit of the month) is about a unique client who took a different path in his quest for performance,1

Jerry’s Adventure at the 12 Hours of Sebring

Ben Keating visited Castle Hill Cycles in late December and again in early January for comprehensive bike fittings on his Cervelo RCA and R5 road machines. He took up road cycling in 2014 to boost stamina1

Bike Fit Tip: Marking Positions

Having a cycling position well-marked on the bicycle can save time and reduce frustration.  Sometimes we decide to make a quick seat, cleat or bar change out on the road only to learn that we want1

Cycling 101: Posture, by Shannon Burke

As the ride leader for a bike tour outfit that travels all over the country, I’ve had the opportunity to observe just about every riding style there is. And while our focus is more on enjoying1

Cycling 101: Pedaling, by Shannon Burke

There are many different ways to become a better cyclist, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to simply focus on pedaling. While everyone understands the importance of pedaling in propelling you forward,1

Outdoor Road Bike Rides!

FREE OUTDOOR BIKE RIDES in celebration of Castle Hill Fitness’ Founder’s Day. SUNDAY FEB. 9TH AND FEB. 23rd led by VeloView Bike Tours MEET at FOOD FOR FITNESS CAFE at 8:30AM ride leaves at 9AM Length1

April Weekly Bike Rides

Join us for weekly Sunday road rides during the month of April. Dates: April 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Meet in front of Food for Fitness Café at 8:30am. Take off at 9am. No-Drop ride* of 20-301

The Journey Down Under to Oz

First of all, let me start by thanking Vlad Glouchkov, manager of Castle Hill Fitness, and Gordon Yang, manager of Castle Hill Cycles for the organizational assistance which allowing me the freedom to be away from1

Jerry Gerlich on Bicycle Fitting

Hello. I’m Jerry Gerlich and I perform bicycle fittings, threshold tests and cover the majority of the sales chores for Castle Hill Cycles in Austin, Texas. My schedule also involves working with gym clients through our1