Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet Gail Coffee

How long have you been a member at Castle Hill? Since its inception, as I was a member of the previous gym at this location. At age 80, I may be the oldest of the Founding1

December Meditation Challenge

  MEDITATION CHALLENGE  December 1st-December 31st You may be familiar with our annual Fitness Challenge which encourages folks to stay on top of their physical health regime. This is the same approach except it is geared1

Gobble gobble…grumble

The holiday eating season is upon us and the truth is that many of us are going to overeat at some point or indulge in rich foods that are not in our regular diet.  As a1

Restorative Yoga & Profound Rest, by Kori Jones

Restorative yoga is the exploration of one’s ease, relaxing into what is, and restoring the physical body, nervous system, and mind to a place of equanimity. It serves as an antidote to one of our society’s1

Yoga Tricks with Collette

One of my favorite inspirational quotes comes from C. JoyBell C. who said: “It is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight that we force our wings to unravel and alas1

Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet Melanie McNearney

This month we had the opportunity to interview Melanie McNearney, part of an awesome fitness family! Not only does Melanie take part in a wide variety of Castle Hill activities, but so does her husband, Scott,1

Reserve Your Class Spots Online – Coming Soon

Castle Hill Fitness is excited to announce that on November 15th it will launch an online reservation system for weekly classes to member and non-member clients. Clients will be able to: Reserve and pay online for a class up to1

Twelfth Anniversary Celebration

On October 16th, 2014, CHF trainers, members, staff, workmen, and … even inanimate objects… all wore PARTY HATS! Why? Because it was a party! Castle Hill Fitness celebrated its 12 Year Anniversary with style, smiles, fruit1

Bike Fit Tip: Marking Positions

Having a cycling position well-marked on the bicycle can save time and reduce frustration.  Sometimes we decide to make a quick seat, cleat or bar change out on the road only to learn that we want1

Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet Toni Thomasson

How long have you been a member at Castle Hill? I believe I’ve been coming to CH for about ten years.  I started coming for Pilates training and joined the gym several months later. What does1


Fitness is a mind and body connection. It all starts in your mind- DISCIPLINE – that’s the most important component.  Keep your mind strong, think positive thoughts when it comes to your body and it will1

Castle Hill Fitness Under New Ownership!

Welcome Clayton Aynesworth to the Team! Greetings, On behalf of the Castle Hill Management team I would like to communicate an important announcement – we have a new owner at Castle Hill Fitness! Some of you1

Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet the Kumars

Meet Pradeep and Rushmi Kumar – our first double Member Spotlight! This couple manages to balance work, family life and a regular fitness program. We love having them at Castle Hill and enjoyed this opportunity to learn1