The Power of Positivity

In times of uncertainty it’s easy to let our minds wonder into negative territory.  We start thinking of all the possibilities that lie in the future instead of living in the present.  Uncertainty can bring up… Read more.

Daily Workout: Abs and Arms

Now you can do your favorite Abs and Arms workout in your own home, in just 15 minutes! Get Veera Korjala’s written workout and see her move demonstrations in the video below, and get to shredding! … Read more.

Pandemic Skincare Tips (Plus Face Mask Recipe!)

PANDEMIC SKINCARE We’ve spent a lot of time making sure your body is staying active during our COVID closure, but let’s take a moment and talk about another pretty important organ – your skin.  We’re pretty… Read more.

Daily Workout: Mini Band Workout

YOUR DAILY #SOCIALDISTANCEFITNESS Brought to you by Personal Trainer Tara Penawell, your workout of the day just needs a mini resistance band and your own beautiful body. No access to this prop? You’ll still get an effective… Read more.

Daily Workout: Kettlebell Pilates Circuit

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, EVEN IF WE’RE APART HOME WORKOUT: KETTLEBELL PILATES CIRCUIT Today’s daily workout is brought to you by Castle Hill Fitness Pilates instructor, Sara Garonzik. Sara put her years of training with… Read more.


MUSIC ALWAYS HELPS You’re stuck at home, and that means if you want to have a dance party every hour, you can. Except now you’ve listened to your own playlists way too many times already. You don’t… Read more.

Daily Workout – Tabata Strong

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, EVEN IF WE’RE APART Today’s daily workout is brought to you by Castle Hill Fitness 360 instructor, Tonja Hancock – Tabata Strong. This workout is an adaptation of her Tabata Strength… Read more.

Equipment For Your At-Home Workouts and Self-Care

Now that you’re working out at home more often, you’re going to want to up your equipment arsenal! You don’t need the larger equipment that’s found in the gym to guarantee an effective workout for yourself…. Read more.

Home Pilates Mat Routine with Celeste

Your Home Pilates Mat Move Starter Pack is Here  Pilates doesn’t have to be done in a class or at a gym. There are a few essential Pilates exercises that you can do anywhere! And since… Read more.

At Home Workouts with Shannon Dolan

Shannon Dolan isn’t letting social distancing get in the way of anyone’s goals! She’s got the movement your body needs to stay healthy while hunkering down at home. What you’ll need to complete these circuits: A… Read more.