Air Filters: Why Your Gym Should Have Them

Air Filters: Why Your Gym Should Have Them

Your health has always been our priority at Castle Hill Fitness, and we consider all facets of your well-being. From your physical health, your mental health… down to the very air you breathe. In this new era of indoor fitness, we knew that air quality mattered more than ever. To provide every additional layer of protection we could during your physically distant exercise session, all Workout Pods are outfitted with ALEN HEPA Air Filters. 

What Are HEPA Filters?

HEPA Air Filters at Castle Hill Fitness 360

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are mechanical air filters that work by forcing air through a fine mesh net to trap airborne particles. These complex nets are made of small fibers that carry an electrostatic charge which attracts bypassing particles.  HEPA-rated filters are able to trap 99.97% of particles that are .3 microns with these nets. This includes particles such as dust, allergens, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and technically, virus particles

How Will an Air Filter Offer More Protection in Pods?

Let’s be real, there is no way to completely protect ourselves from coronavirus, but we can take extra measures to decrease our chances of contracting it. While a HEPA air filter doesn’t provide full protection against COVID-19, or negate any of the CDC-recommended preventative actions, it does provide another layer of protection. According to the EPA, “when used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space.

A HEPA-rated air filter can technically capture a portion of airborne virus-sized particles. While the coronavirus particle itself is .125 microns, the droplets that carry them are larger and easily captured by the filter. Removing even a portion of contaminants in the air reduces the concentration of the virus and limits the potential for exposure. 

When you come to workout in your personal Pod, you’ll know that the air you’re breathing has been circulated through the filter and purified. Our outfitted air filters filter up to 1300 sq ft every 30-minutes, and our pods range from 32-400 sq feet. Plenty of filtering to go around! Additionally, we have upgraded to MERV-13 air filters at our clubs, ASHRAE’s recommended filter for reducing airborne infectious aerosol exposure. The MERV-13 filter can capture 1 µm to 3 µm sized particles, which are the size of the respiratory droplets that carry the coronavirus particle, with an 85% efficacy

The benefits of our air filters work in conjunction with the overhead fans installed throughout our gyms to help abate any airborne viral particles. According to the EPA, increased ventilation can “help reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors.” 

Clean, fresh air is what you’ll be breathing as you catch your breath!

Air Filters for a Healthier Workout

Even in non-pandemic times, air filters make for a healthier workout environment! Your immune system benefits from filtering out air pollutants that trigger inflammation in the body. In addition, breathing is so much easier when the air is cleaner!

Ready to get breathless in our HEPA-filtered Workout Pods? See what to do before visiting the gym, and then book your Workout Pod!

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