Recovery Pods: Now Booking!

Recovery Pod hot tub castle hill fitness 360


We are thrilled to announce that starting Monday, July 27, we are reopening our showers at both locations, and Wet Area amenities at Castle Hill Fitness 360
The Eucalyptus Steam Room, Hot Tub, and Dry Sauna will be available as bookable, single-occupancy Recovery Pods. You’ll be able to book them online, just like our Workout Pods! These amenities are found on the 1st floor of our Pods Map, under Wet Areas. 
Recovery Pods on the Pod Map


» Bathing suits are required.
» Sauna and Steam Pods are available for 20-minute intervals.
» Complimentary towels are available at the front desk.
» We recommend rinsing off in the shower before entering the Steam Room and Sauna.
» With swimsuit on, exit the locker room into the wet area. The steam room is always on during the club’s hours of operations, however, the steam function is on a timer. Set the timer to the length of your stay.
» The Sauna and Steam Rooms are fog-disinfected after every client.
» Masks are required when moving to/from your Recovery Pod, but can be removed when inside your enclosed Pod.
» The Pool is by reservation only – please use the showers to cool off after your session.
» These Recovery Pods are only available at our 360 location. Downtown Saunas are NOT reopening yet, only the showers. (That dual-location access with your membership is coming in CLUTCH!)
Pod reservations can be made up to six days in advance and up to 30-minutes prior to your planned arrival. Do you have a last-minute need to book a Recovery Pod? No problem, just give us a call and we can put you in an available pod!


We can’t wait to welcome you back to enjoy the benefits of these relaxing amenities. Book these Pods for a revitalizing pre-workout warm-up, post-workout detox, or just a soothing decompression session! 


Recovery Pod - Sauna at 360

The Dry Sauna at CHF 360 provides a heated environment that has low humidity, with a maximum temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A sauna session provides the following benefits: 

  • start exercise recovery of the muscles
  • stress relief
  • flush toxins from the body through sweat
  • improve skin clarity by opening pores and clearing waste
  • lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Hear us out: the University of Eastern Finland conducted a study of middle-aged men over 20 years. In the study, they found that those who went to a sauna 4-7 times a week for at least 19 minutes a day had a 65% lower incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia.



steam room castle hill fitness 360

Steam rooms have been enjoyed around the world for centuries! The Steam Room at CHF 360 has a max temperature of 117 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level that is close, if not at, 100%. Additionally, our steam room also has eucalyptus essential oil sprays available for use! Eucalyptus is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial essential oil that aids in fighting infection. The most common way to benefit from eucalyptus essential oils is by vapor inhalation – exactly the environment in a steam room! Additional Steam Room benefits include: 

  • start exercise recovery of the muscles
  • cleanse the body of toxins
  • improve skin clarity by opening pores and clearing waste
  • clear nasal passages and congestion (bye-bye Austin cedar allergies!)
  • evoke a sense of relaxation



Recovery Pod Hot Tub

The age-old practice of hot tubbing has been recorded as far back as 4th century BC, with records of civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Japanese incorporating it into their daily lives, culture, and infrastructure. Soaking in warm water encourages the blood vessels to widen, allowing blood to flow through the body more freely. This helps circulate waste out of body tissue, and reduces blood pressure. A hot tub increases body temperature, promoting feelings of relaxation and calm, while floating in the water takes pressure off the muscles and joints. Hot tub benefits include: 

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • Eased muscle tension and pain
  • Reduced stress and anxiety, leading to better sleep


These amenities set the stage for post-workout detox, pre-workout warmup, or a soothing way to end a hectic day!

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