Quick Guide to a Correct Chaturanga

Chaturanga, or ‘Four-Limbed Staff Pose’, is a foundational yoga pose that appears in many vinyasa flows – commonly referred to as a Low Plank. Though Chaturanga is utilized even in beginner yoga classes, it is a… Read more.

The Fluid Nature of Form

Achieve Less Pain and Greater Ease with Fluidity¬† Most of us understand that moving with good alignment and form is important to avoid injury and strains. When we exercise with a focus on form we also… Read more.

Boxing Lessons

IMPROVE YOUR COORDINATION, REACTION-TIME, & FITNESS WITH BOXING LESSONS! Boxing is a two-in-one workout that improves not just strength and cardio but challenges your brain too. Ever feel so stressed out you just want to hit… Read more.

The Quieter Ways We Care for Your Health

Here at Castle Hill Fitness, we define health as more than just exercise and diet. As we say in our Mission Statement, “we EMPOWER our clients towards a greater quality of life with seasoned professionals, varied… Read more.

Westlake Apartment Resident Deal

Free Classes for the Residents of 3500 Westlake Apartments Castle Hill Fitness 360 welcomes the residents of 3500 Westlake Apartments with special workout classes! Sign up in advance to secure your spot for these free offerings.¬†… Read more.

Move Well on the GO with Tara Penawell

Can’t Make It to the Gym? No Stress! We all have days that are so bonkers busy that making it to the gym just isn’t going to happen. Sometimes it be like that. Times like that,… Read more.

3 Cookbooks We’re Crushing On Right Now

Alright! You’ve made the decision (maybe with some guidance from your health coach) to make adjustments in your eating habits. Which means you’ll need inspiration and guidance on the best meals to cook to suit your… Read more.

A Metabolic Makeover to Prioritize Your Goals

IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY We get it…Sometimes it feels like everything else is more important than reaching your health and fitness goals. Introducing the Metabolic Makeover package, a 10-week program designed to instill… Read more.

This Season’s Best Weapon

Available Until August 31 As we spend our summer days basking in the sun, UV rays go to work robbing our skin of much-needed moisture and prematurely aging our skin. Introducing the season’s secret weapon… The… Read more.