Your Body is a Marvel, by Michelle Metzler

Your Body is a Marvel, by Michelle Metzler

Our bodies are something of a marvel. The treatment of them is crucial to how we interact with all other bodies- human, mammalian and natural. A healthy body creates an atmosphere for a healthy mind. How we treat and reduce our stress is a reflection of how we will behave towards the world. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that each of us is diligent and attentive in the care of our own bodies.

In recent years, chronic stress-induced disorders have been increasing and we’re beginning to realize the damaging effects it’s having on society. In addition to physical stressors, world-renowned Neuroendocrinologist, Robert Sapolsky, states “we live well enough to (also) have the luxury to get ourselves sick with purely social, psychological stress.” I think it’s time we start caring well enough, too!

Why is it that we take our automobiles in for regular maintenance and oil changes, yet often don’t make time to maintain our own bodies? I find moderate exercise, yoga, music, massage, wholesome eating (especially with loved ones) and quality sleep are a few ways that I reduce stress and nourish myself. We may all be made of the same star-stuff, which is pretty amazing, yet at the same time are so brilliantly distinct. The care that is best for me may not be the same for others. We must embrace our own personal make and model and discover what care works best for each of us.

KB and Shasta_ March '15-14 CCIn spite of living well materially, it is often believed that caring for our bodies or allowing others to care for them is too self-indulgent. Our priorities are amiss if we are living luxuriously, yet not treating our bodies well. Servicing one’s car is not extravagant; it is simply a necessity to keep it functioning properly.   Surely, the same holds true for our bodily vehicle.

Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot afford the luxuries that many of us can afford. Some people do not even have the means to own a car. In this case, accessible education about the importance of self-care, along with affordable healthcare is imperative. As a connected and sympathetic human race, we must help provide healthcare to those in need, so that they too may be able to care for their own bodies. Human care and compassion bind us to one another and can create positive change in the world.

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Fuel is needed in order for our bodies to live; to grow; and to flourish. Eating a balanced diet of healthy, whole foods, including moderate treats, helps to sustain our bodies and gives us maximum energy to be the best we can be. Tangible foods are essential, but seeking to fill our bodies with the intangibles like love and forgiveness is indispensable. With proper fueling, we can strengthen our body and spirit while exuding kind and compassionate energy.

Our body is our vehicle as we journey through life. It can take us for an incredibly unique ride while still traveling alongside each other. Leaving a path for others to follow and also leaving enough untouched in order for new trails to be forged is important. For the past eighteen years, I have been following, foraging, and finding the most optimal ways to care for myself in order to provide the best consistent care possible, through massage therapy, for others. Becoming a Physician’s Assistant will allow me to care for others at a higher level in the healthcare system. In my quest to further help others and improve their quality of life, it’s important to maintain the healthy quality of mine. Whether you’re embarking on a new journey, as I am, or somewhere along the way, take charge of your well-being and the welfare of the world will follow.

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