Member Spotlight & Interview: Meet Steve and Amy Bruno!

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing members Amy and Steve Bruno, whose smiling faces have been gracing the studios of Castle Hill for many years!

Bruno honeymoon

How long have you been members at Castle Hill?

Steve: Since Amy signed us up – about six years ago? Amy: Same for me; we joined together.

What does your regular routine at Castle Hill Look like?

Steve: It starts by showing up, which I’m great at sometimes, and other times… not so much. I like to mix cardio and weights a lot. I try to do a lot of lunges. They kinda suck while you’re doing them, but they pay off well. I love to end whatever my routine is on the inversion table in the Stretch Room. I try to stay upside down for about two minutes. Amy: Now that the legislative session is underway, I don’t have a regular routine, except for my weekly workouts with Amid Archibald. When work isn’t as busy, I enjoy the noon spin classes and Pilates with Deborah. I like to mix things up.

Have you made changes in your health and fitness lifestyle since you joined Castle Hill? What changes stand out the most?

Steve: I definitely go to the gym more than I did… because I had never belonged to a gym before. I just never thought it was for me. Luckily, I married Amy, and she showed me the light. And luckily, at the time we lived down the hill from the Castle so we checked it out and really fell in love with the place and mostly the people. The biggest change is that in my everyday life I pay much more attention to proper alignment and I stretch every day. Amy: Yes! I work out more regularly. And I gave up my diet Coke, which was a staple in my life for years.

Do you take any of our classes? Who is your favorite instructor?

Steve: I miss Tatum’s Sunday Morning workout!! I do some yoga from time to time. Other than that I prefer to workout on my own. Amy: I love the classes at Castle Hill! I try to take two or three classes a week, and one of them is always a Saturday class with Hilary.

Do you frequent our Wellness Spa? Do you have a service provider who has helped you on your journey to whole body health?

Steve: I did have a session of Rolfing once with KB Imle. She is AWESOME and it really helped my shoulder. Amy: I have facials with Melvis and massages with Shasta. I highly recommend both women’s services… and this reminds me that I need to book appointments with them!

Do you currently work with a personal trainer? Who are they and what goals on you working on together?

Steve: I first worked out with Alex and that was great because he and I get along very well together and he showed me exercises and techniques that I use today. One of the reasons I had never joined a gym is because I never really knew what to do. After a couple of years of regular training with Alex, I have lots of regiments, exercises, props, weights, etc. at my disposal and I know how to use them. Amy: I have had a weekly workout with Amid for four years now. He keeps me motivated by changing up my workouts every week and challenges me. I want to be stronger, increase my endurance, and still feel the burn three days after our training session.

What motivates you to stay on track?

Steve: I just feel better when I work out and exercise than when I don’t. Amy: I agree with Steve. Nothing beats a good workout sweat.

What have been your obstacles with fitness?

Steve: Self-motivation. Making yourself get up and go. It’s all about discipline. Easy to type. Harder to do, sometimes. Amy: Red wine and scotch. They make it more difficult to see my progress.

What aspect of your current fitness lifestyle are you most proud of?

Steve: That I know what it feels like to have a strong core. Amy: Spin class. A few years ago, Celeste taught a half-hour spin class. I had been curious about spin classes, but was intimidated by taking an hour long class. I felt more comfortable trying it out for 30 minutes, so I went and I was hooked. Before long I had the confidence to take an hour long class, and now getting on a spin bike is an integral part of my workout routine. Had I let my fear and intimidation get in the way of trying something new, I would not have found out how much I enjoy spin class. This experience gave me confidence to try other classes and to push myself in ways I may have been wary of before.

What is your greatest health and fitness achievement?

Steve: Letting yoga into my life. I don’t practice as often as I’d like, but it is a life long journey. Amy: I run! I have always hated to run. Since I played field hockey in high school, I really really hated running. When I began working out with Amid I informed him that I didn’t run, so he pushed me to run, starting slowly and for short periods of time. I have run 5K’s, and I have finished in respectable times. I still don’t like it, but it feels good to accomplish a goal that I never set out to accomplish.

Are there areas you are still working on? What goal keeps you motivated to show up at the gym regularly?

Steve: Still working on the showing up at the gym more often than not. Amy: Sometimes I struggle with motivation to get to the gym. My main goal is to feel good and be healthy.

Bruno weddingWhen you aren’t working out at Castle Hill, what do you do?

Steve: I’m a self-employed contract lobbyist specializing in Texas politics and government. Amy: I work at the Capitol, so for 140 days every two years I am really busy with that. The rest of the time I am baking, reading, or enjoying a glass of wine.

Any thoughts you can leave us with?

Steve: May all be happy, may all be healthy. May there be no distress on Earth. May there be peace everywhere. May all our actions help us to make this possible. Amy: Well, I’m not sure how to follow that! Don’t be afraid to try something new.
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Celeste Cyr
Celeste Cyr
9 years ago

Amy & Steve!

I love the spotlight shining on you both! Thank you for showing up and adding your wonderful energy to our Castle Community! It truly is a privilege to know you both, see your commitment and progress and smiling faces over the years. I do remember that first spin class Amy!