It IS in the Timing | The Post-Workout Meal

It IS in the Timing | The Post-Workout Meal
Are you looking for a way to maximize your results from training and lose body fat?  Interestingly enough, when you eat could be as important as what you eat. One of the most important meals of the day, the post-exercise meal, is often skipped because of time constraints or in an effort to lose body fat.  After an intense workout, the body is in a catabolic or break-down state.  Refueling after exercise reverses this state and delivers nutrition at a point when the body is more sensitive to it. 
Post-workout nutrition should include a mixture of carbohydrate and protein.  The exact ratio is still being debated but most studies indicate a 3:1 ratio is ideal.   A recent study looked at the difference between two groups performing the same strength training routine for 10 weeks.  Each group consumed the same dose of a protein and carbohydrate supplement but at different times.  One group took theirs before and then immediately after exercise, while the other group consumed it in the morning and late evening.  The group consuming the supplement pre and post workout showed significantly greater increases in muscle mass and strength while decreasing body fat.  Similar results have also been shown with endurance athletes.  In fact, two studies done at the University of Texas, Austin compared using low-fat chocolate milk as a recovery drink versus a typical carbohydrate sports beverage in cyclists over a four week period training period.  The cyclists consuming the low-fat chocolate milk had greater increases in maximal cardiovascular capacity, muscle mass and overall performance.  
Written by Castle Hill Fitness Trainer, Tara Penawell, M.Ed
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