Top Mid-Day Workouts to Do on Your Lunch Break

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By: Jess Appel, ACSM Certified Master Level Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Believe me, I get it. We’re all busy. Finding time to exercise each day can be a challenge. Since work, family commitments, and social life take up the majority of your time, fitting fitness into an already crammed schedule can feel downright impossible. Squeezing in a quick lunch break workout may be the perfect solution.

Exercising during the middle of the day is a great way to maximize your free time.  It gives you a mental break and has been shown to improve your productivity and energy for the rest of the day. In addition, a study from the University of Missouri at Columbia finds staying glued to your office chair all day actually shuts off enzymes in your muscles responsible for fat burning.

Luckily, we’ve got your back with a handful of midday classes to get you up and moving.  The 360 and Downtown locations both serve up effective and efficient classes that make sneaking a daily sweat sesh into your lunch break a breeze.

So get out of your seat, grab your gym bag, and go!


360 Location Classes

Cycle+Strength with Stephanie

Mondays 12:15-1pm 

Knock out both your cardio and strength work in this quick and efficient class. Cycle+Strength will challenge your endurance on the spin bike while increasing muscular strength with off-the-bike weight moves. Set up in front of a fan and feel the wind blow through your hair!


ISO Pilates with Melissa

Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm 

This class is one part challenging isometrics and one part upright Pilates followed by active stretching at the end. Work on activating and keeping the contraction of specific muscles to build strength and stability and balance and overall upright coordination with this unique version of upright Pilates.


Strength Circuit with Jeremy

Wednesday 12:15-1pm

Lift your fitness with this strength-building class that moves through a circuit of stations. Jeremy switches up which props we use each week to keep your workout fresh! Please no injuries and be ready to work!


Really commit to it! Online sign-up for classes opens 48 hours in advance. 


Downtown Location Classes

Body Sculpt with Amid

Monday 12:15-1 pm 

Develop total body endurance, strength, and agility while training your Ninja skills with mixed martial arts punch/kick combos, groundwork, plyometrics and weight work.


Target Toning EXPRESS with Hilary

Tuesday & Thursday 12:15-1 pm 

Perfect for those on a tight schedule, the EXPRESS version of Hilary’s popular Target Toning class gets you a total body tone in 45 minutes.  You’ll complete exercises with light weights, resistance bands, and body weight to achieve the trim and toned look you want. 


Pilates Mat with Jae Hoon Lim

Friday 12:00-1 pm 

Perfect for practitioners of all levels. This flow class is geared towards beginners and advanced practitioners alike, utilizing creative modifications, variations and props. Expect a whole body workout with emphasis on the core and total body toning with the Pilates fundamentals. All levels welcome. 


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Jess Appel Master Personal Trainer Castle Hill FitnessJess Appel is excited by fitness because of its ability to truly transform lives. Carefully building a physically strong, well fed body changes the way you feel and interact with the world. After 15 years in the fitness industry, Jess has witnessed and directed a multitude of physical transformations and is an expert at helping clientele break through plateaus. Not only will Jess transform your physique and ignite your metabolic engine, she will radically revolutionize the way you feel in your body. 

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