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Jessica Appel

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Jessica Appel
Jessica Appel
Master Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2003

    Certifications: American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals, Medical Exercise Specialist Sally Edward's Heart Zones Certified Personal Trainer

    Specialties/Focus in Training: I am passionate about creating real, long term lifestyle change for my clientele. For me that encompasses fitness, eating style, and emotional wellness. I encourage my clients to view their body and health as an expression of all aspects of their lives. My training style is focused on impeccable form, patient and determined practice, positive energy, goal setting and celebrating the victories we will achieve each day.

    Most recently I have become passionate about transforming peoples bodies with a focus on nutrition and heavy lifting. I have been inspired watching people change their lives along with their physiques.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: New Mom to amazing and perfect identical twin boys, Arrow and Boden. Women's Division III basketball player at Trinity University, San Antonio. Three time Ironman finisher. Globetrotter, avid cyclist, aspiring ultra marathoner and crossfitter, former full time bike commuter who now rocks a minvan, certified raw foods chef and all around rad girl. Oh, and I'm really funny. Seriously.

    Favorites: My favorite thing in this Universe are my fabulously perfect identical twin boys, Arrow and Boden and the best profession I have ever had is being their Mom. My favorite city in the world is Kathmandu, Nepal. My favorite thing is my Soma Rush fixed gear and I've been riding it way to infrequently as of late. My favorite food is fresh, green, organic and spicy. My favorite smoothie is the Joy Ride from Food4Fitness Café. My favorite hairstyle is still the Euro-mullet, which is getting rocked in Istanbul to this day (thank God). I don't get to do it nearly enough but sleep is currently my favorite and most sought after past time. My favorite facial hair configuration is a solid handle bar mustache waxed to perfection. I love documentaries of any subject, I love to rock a pair of cutoffs and I am in love with zippers as a fashion accent.

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