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Yoga Wall for Healthy Backs

with Gillian Barksdale  Saturday at 2pm

Come see how the Yoga Rope Wall can help alleviate back pain and tension. We will practice poses on the Rope Wall that will help to lengthen the spine and release compression, strengthen back and abdominal muscles, and soothe spinal strain to encourage relaxation of the back muscles.
All levels welcome.
Saturday, June 2
Lotus Room
limited to 18
$30 for everyone
VIP members save an extra 10%
Meet Gillian
A certified Iyengar Yoga instructor who began her yoga practice in 1996, Gillian teaches with clear and precise verbal and visual instructions, and brings a sense of joy and humor to the class.
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iRest Yoga Nidra

with Kim Schaefer  Tuesdays at 6:15pm

Heal unresolved issues that are present in your body and mind.
Develop your toolbox for calm amidst all the changing circumstances of life. iRest is an evidence-based meditation practice that helps alleviate insomnia, anxiety, fear, and depression. This 6 week iRest course will teach you a practice to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships, and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life. A workbook and other resources will be provided for your continued practice after the series. 
June 5-July 10
September 25-October 30
Tuesdays at 6:15-7:30pm
6 week series
in the Chakras Room
$99 members
$108 non-members
VIP members save 10%
Meet Kim Schaefer
Kim is a level 2 iRest teacher-in-training and has had consistent meditation practice since 2008. Her clear and encouraging teaching style make yoga and meditation accessible to anyone seeking to know more about the practice and about themselves. 
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Heart Openers: Workshop Intensive

with Collette Hill  Saturday at 1:30pm

Grow your practice and explore advanced postures and transitions in this one-day workshop intensive! We will flow through a vinyasa sequence mindfully designed to prepare the body for challenging heart openers and twists which we will break down workshop-style.
While you should have yoga experience, you need not be an advanced practitioner to attend this workshop.
Saturday, June 9
in the Lotus Room
Min 4, Max 20 students
Member: $30
Non-Member: $35
VIP Members save an extra 10%
Meet Collette
Collette, E-RYT500 discovered yoga as a compliment to her breath and body work while majoring in Acting. She strives to practice with intention- both on the mat and off! For her, this means moving with an open mind, a happy heart, and compassion for herself and others.
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Monthly Community Yoga for Local Charities

with Kim Schaeffer  11am-1pm Sundays

Join us to support a local charity each month! 
An atmosphere of play and practice awaits you! Join Kim in this 2 hour group practice where we have the time and space to prepare the body for more advanced poses.
Please join us if you are comfortable with inversions, can push up into full wheel unassisted, and if you feel at ease honoring your limits and observing a challenging pose unfold.

The intention of this group practice is to come together with the larger Austin yoga community to share tips and tricks, laughter and good company as we intelligently work the physical body.

minimum donation of $20 for everyone
Proceeds from May and June workshops will go towards the Amala Foundation. This foundation unites youths from all walks of life and offers them a unique blend of programs that empower them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity.


Meet Kim:

Kim has a gift for guiding her students through the hard work and challenge of asana practice with laughter and humility. Her clear and encouraging teaching style allows even those new to yoga to feel supported and motivated. Her love for teaching is demonstrated in her warm, caring and approachable nature. Kim has been teaching yoga since 2006.

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Donation Yoga Class

with Austin School of Yoga Graduates  10 to 11 a.m. Saturdays

in a once a month donation based class! These newly certified yoga teachers will guide you in an all levels class to culminate their program studies. Donations will benefit a charity of the teacher's choosing. 
Cash donation only please. 
March 17: Margaret Hover
April 14: Molly Routt
May 13: Emily Krol
June 16: Cindy Crawford 

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Sacred Sounds: Exploring Mantra and Song

with Nicolle Neill Jensen, Anna Gieselman  Saturday + Sunday at 12pm

Sacred Sounds: Exploring Mantra and Song with special musical guest: Nicolle Neill Jensen
Discover the healing art of sound. Current research shows that chanting induces relaxation by lowering the heart rate and slowing the breath. Join special guest, Nicolle Jensen, for an afternoon of music, chanting, and mantras from Yoga, Buddhism, and other contemplative traditions. Together we settle the heart and mind, train our breathing and heartbeats to each other, and weave our voices into a beautiful tapestry of sound in a warm and welcoming community space. Come experience the powerful vibrations.
Saturday, June 16
$30 member
$35 non-member
in the Studio
minimum 12
PLUS! Join CHF yoga instructor Anna Gieselman for a special yoga class set to live music by Nicolle Neill Jensen
Sunday, June 17
$15 member
$20 non-member
in the Studio
minimum 12
About Nicolle
Nicolle NEILL Jensen is a professional musician and yoga teacher who travels the world sharing a love of sound, movement, introspection, storytelling, and meditation through retreats, workshops, and classes. She is a 500-hour certified Prajna Yoga teacher, an accomplished Balkan Folk singer and percussionist, and has been a guest with electronic musical acts such as Desert Dwellers and Spyder. This is her second visit to Austin, we recommend signing up in advance!
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PREPARED: A New Prenatal Course

with Jill Birt  Tuesdays + Thursdays at 12pm

Prepare Yourself for the Transition to Motherhood
The curriculum of PREPARED utilizes the Yoga practices of mindfulness, meditation, and movement intertwined with the knowledge and experience Jill holds as a labor and delivery nurse. You will gain a deeper understanding of your body and the process of labor, both scientifically and energetically. The course also includes prenatal yoga to support your body's changing and upcoming needs while being appropriately gentle and safe for you and your baby. 
Questions? Email
Tuesdays and Thursdays
4 week program, 2x/wk
in the Studio
Min 4, Max 12 students
$200 before June 1
$225 after June 1
Open to members & non-members. Sign up in May for early bird pricing. Sorry, no additional member discounts. 
About Jill Birt
The PREPARED Childbirth Course was founded by Yogi, Mother, and Registered Nurse, Jill Birt. Prior to stepping full time into teaching yoga, Jill worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Austin, TX for 15 years. She believes the mind, body, and spirit connection is a vital component to support your whole self through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood. 
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Yoga and the Five Elements

with Anna and Colleen  12 to 2 p.m. Sunday

Anna and Colleen workshops explore an integrated approach to wellness throughout the year. In each session, we will explore the 5 element theory of Chinese Medicine within the context of our yoga practice. You will learn the location of the Chinese meridians, their relevance to your health and how to tailor your yoga practice to support your body during the changes of each season. Additionally, we will discuss the roles that nutrition and emotions play in the overall vitality of your body.

Each Workshop is held on a Sunday, Noon-2pm


Future Dates and Themes
Session 3: Late Summer Serenity - August 26
Session 4: The Breath of Autumn - October 21
Session 5: Winter's Rest - December 2

$35 per session
VIP Members save 10%
in the Studio
limit 20


Meet Anna and Colleen
Anna is a 500hr Prajna Yoga teacher and has been teaching at Castle Hill since 2012. Colleen Straney, L.Ac, MAOM, received her master's degree in Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2008, and has a private practice here in Austin. They look forward to sharing this holistic approach to wellness with you throughout 2018.

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