Rookie Tri Recap

Yesterday was The Rookie Tri. The 1st race of the Texas Tri Series. A few members including myself (and a few class participants) did the race. Dana Markus-Wolf (my Tri coaching client) won 3rd place in… Read more.

3 Months to Spike!

Over the past 3 months I have been watching the physical changes in Michael Glavan as he prepared for his role as Spike in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike at the Zach Theater. He… Read more.

Truslow’s Favorite Things

I may not be Oprah…however I thought I’d share a few of “My Favorite Things” with you to get the New Year started off right! So, here they are….in no particular order (drum roll please): NUUN(pronounced… Read more.

How a Triathlete is Born – Part Three

A lot has changed since the 1st few months of my participation in the Triathlon.  Learning how to race has mostly been from making mistakes along the way.  Coaches are fantastic for bringing out your full… Read more.

How a Triathlete is Born – Part Two

 Shortly after my first Duathlon I started to become obsessed with researching the Triathlon on the Internet. I even set my TiVo to record all cycling and triathlon programs.  I began to learn the names of… Read more.

How a Triathlete is Born – Part One

In 2001 to a class full of cycling students, I remember stating: “Triathletes are crazy! I would never do that!” If you are unfamiliar with the sport of Triathlon, it is three parts: 1. Swimming 2…. Read more.

Member Spotlight! Peter Berner

CH: How Long have you been a member at Castle Hill? PB:  I joined in August of 2003 CH: What is your regular routine at Castle Hill? PB: When in town I tend to go daily…. Read more.

Member Spotlight! Kevin Shuvalov

Castle Hill is proud to announce Kevin Shuvalov as itss first Member Spotlight! CH: How long have you been a member at Castle Hill? KS: I joined Castle Hill in 2005. CH: When you are not… Read more.

An Athlete’s Attempt at Being a Yogi

My name is Erin and I don’t stretch. I run, cycle and sometimes I swim. Every thing I do from driving in my car to sitting at my laptop has me going in the same direction…. Read more.

Erin Truslow
Spin Sub
Erin Truslow has been in the fitness industry since 1988 as a group exercise instructor, and personal trainer. Some of the numerous certifications Erin holds include Aerobics Instructor by the American Fitness & Aerobic Association (1988), Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (1991), Physical Fitness Specialist (In 1992), Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist (1993), an Advanced Aquatics Instructor (1994) by the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, and she is a certified Body Pump trainer / instructor, Johnny G Certified Spin instructor, has been trained in Kickboxing by a three time World Champion and a master martial artist, and as a Re-Gen Ultimate 6 Trigger Point Therapy instructor. Erin has co-owned two personal training studios in the past and is a current competitive age-group Triathlete. Erin is also an avid fund-raiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and has been volunteering for LAF for 4 years. Read more about Erin...