We Asked, You Answered: What’s Your Favorite Post-Workout Recovery Tip?

Last week, we posted on our Instagram asking for YOUR favorite post-workout recovery methods. Read on to see the great answers:

Foam rolling! And lying down for some deep breathing until my heart rate is back to norm (long enough to appreciate my body and its work!). Also love a good plant based meal or protein smoothie to build my muscles back up. 

Some quality H2O and yoga poses / handstands

I eat!!! And drink water!!!

Gotta love a quick sauna session, moisturizing face wash, and a smoothie from @souppeddler

Cold shower and protein shake- sometimes lying on a concrete floor with the fan on. Pretty much all the cold things. 

Legs up the wall! 😉


Personal Trainer Chad Kraus

Personal Trainer at Downtown

“Making time for self-care and recovery is crucial to any wellness program, so that’s step one! After I’ve set aside time, I love using the infrared sauna Downtown and the hot tub at the 360 location.

Chad can be found at our Downtown location teaching a total of six weekly classes, providing private training sessions, and taking fitness to a new level in his small group training series. Chad offers his clients the same dedication and perseverance that propelled his own health and fitness journey, and is passionate about helping people make lifelong, positive changes!

Personal Trainer at Downtown

“I always foam roll, stretch and ice my sore spots after working out. I use therapy balls and lots of dynamic movement to encourage safe range of motion.”

Tiffany is a four-time WNBF Pro Figure World Champion and NASM certified personal trainer. With over a decade of dance and yoga practice in her background, personal trainer Tiffany knows all about dynamic movement! She loves to help clients perfect their form and technique, push their boundaries, and reach their full potential. Stay tuned for two new classes with Tiffany on our schedule starting in July!

Personal Trainer + Massage Therapist at Downtown

“A full night’s sleep (7-9 hours), 400-600mg of magnesium, half your body weight in ounces of water, and 2-4 massages a month! Recovery is all about circulation, removal of metabolic waste products, and proper hormone balance.”

As a certified Neuromuscular Therapist, NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and RKC certified kettlebell trainer, Thomas‘ goal is to provide long-term solutions to pain and injury conditions through personalized and effective strategies. Whether through a Massage, Structural Integration or a personal training session with Thomas, you can expect to gain a new relief and strength in your movements.

Personal Trainer at 360

“Let yourself cool down naturally and stick to cool, but not cold, water! Also, a hydrating facial cleanser makes the gym-to-street transition so much more comfortable.”

Madeline’s fitness journey led her through a Master’s program in Kinesiology and a yoga teaching certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Her passions lie in dance, yoga, exploratory movement, fall risk and balance training, circuit training, and functional range conditioning. Madeline’s quest is to spread the joy of exploring movement and the health benefits that follow- experience that joy in her three new classes at 360!

Personal Trainer at Downtown

“The most effective post-workout recovery I found is the Power Plate! If you are sore from a heavy weight lifting session or have “dead legs” from long endurance runs or bike rides, it can totally transform the way you feel and decrease recovery time dramatically. The vibration of the Power Plate helps increase blood flow to damaged muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients to help them heal faster, and helps flush toxins and lactic acid by stimulating the lymphatic system. This decreases soreness and post workout swelling.”
After working hard cultivating a physical transformation in Jessica’s strength training series, the Power Plate will absolutely come in handy! Reach out to Jessica to schedule a session to experience the restorative wonders of the Power Plate for yourself!

Personal Trainer + Pilates Instructor at Downtown

“Hydration and nutrition are key! Make sure to hydrate all day, especially during this Texas heat! After a super intense session, opt for a drink with electrolytes to replenish all that you lost in your sweat. The fuel you put into your body is also extremely important! You can manipulate your food intake to have more anti inflammatory foods that will help you recover faster (think green veggies, berries, salmon, and whole grains).”
Shannon is a Master Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Health Coach with a BS in Nutrition. Through exercise, nutrition, and mindful meditation strategies, Shannon has helped clients of all types find their path to a healthy lifestyle, while having fun in the process!

Concierge at Downtown

“A few deep breaths and stretches at the end of a workout! Plus I eat a good, healthy meal or a protein smoothie within the hours after the gym. And the day after a tough workout, the foam roller and lacrosse ball are my best buds.” 
Nickie aims to show that you can totally get your fit on while maintaining a vegan diet. When not helping clients at our Concierge desk, she can be found exercising, cooking healthy vegan meals, and working on her sustainability efforts – the largest components of a healthy life.
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