Low-Impact Doesn’t Mean Easier

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Don’t let the name fool you! Low-impact doesn’t mean easier, and in our fitness classes, it doesn’t mean low intensity. You can get all the benefits of a great workout without running, jumping, or impacting your joints. But the benefits of a low-impact workout don’t stop at just protecting your joints! Here are some other ways low-impact workouts are great for you:  

Increased Flexibility & Stability = Less Injury

There are many different low-impact exercises that help to increase your flexibility and stability. Flexibility reduces your risk of injury—when your muscles are flexible, they don’t pull, strain, or tear as easily. Stability also helps reduce your risk of injury. Working to improve your control and stability of your movements prevents acute injuries and overuse injuries. Yoga and Pilates, both typically low-impact practices, are great at improving these qualities. Check out our Yoga and Pilates classes to maximize your flexibility and stability workouts! 

Greater Muscular Endurance & Range of Motion = More Gains

Low-impact workouts can actually be better for increasing muscular endurance than some high-impact workouts! Imagine doing a plyometric squat jump versus a weighted squat. With a jump squat, how often are you using your momentum from the jump to help you get lower on your squat? When you’re doing a weighted squat, you’re using more of your muscular power rather than momentum. You’re also more likely to use your full range of motion, which means you’re activating the entire length of the muscle. More muscular power and range of motion mean more gains!  

Less Recovery Time = More Gym Time

High-impact or plyometric exercises can often require more rest time for your muscles to adequately recover. Low-impact exercises don’t require as many rest days, which means that you can come to take more classes while still reaping the benefits of greater muscular endurance! 

Of course, soreness can still be expected afterward. Our Spa can help to really speed your recovery process along! 

Form Focused = Great for Beginners

Low-impact workouts often provide the chance to focus more on form and alignment than high-impact classes sometimes do. When you focus on your form and use your entire range of motion, it increases your proprioception, or your awareness of your body. Focusing on form is especially beneficial for people who are new to working out or to taking classes, or getting back into a workout routine after a hiatus (we’re still finding our stride after COVID too!).  


Cardio Kickbox with Sonya Latinovic

Cardio Kickboxing with Sonya

Strength & Mobility | Monday & Wednesday at 9:30am with Clark and Veronika

Optimize performance and move your body with intention in this comprehensive workout that has it all. Training geared to improve endurance, power, and movement. Great for beginners to athletes. 

Cycle + Strength | Monday & Wednesday at 5:30pm, Thursday at noon with Clark and Jay

Cardio and Strength in one! This class will challenge your endurance on the spin bike plus increase muscular strength with off-the-bike weight moves. 

Off the Barre Express | Tuesday at 6:15am with Veronika

Join this 30-minute energetic workout to tone and sculpt your entire body without the “Barre”. Expect a deep muscle burn with low impact and easily modifiable moves! 

Castle Barre | Tuesday & Thursday at 10:15am, Wednesday at 6:15pm with Veronika

Join this energetic workout to tone and sculpt your entire body. Expect a deep muscle burn with low impact and easily modifiable moves! 

HIIT Cycle | Tuesday at 5:30pm with Keith

Alternate between sprints and hill climbs on the bike and heart-pounding, total-body circuits using free weights, med balls, resistance bands, and more! Be pushed to your max in this high-intensity class for all designed to challenge and transform your entire body. Modifications will be given. 

Total Body Build | Wednesday at 7am, Saturday at 11:30am with Jeremy

Muscle is not built in a day, but Jeremy’s full body strength workout will start you on your way. Grab heavy weights and bring your focus as Jeremy leads you through multiple muscle groups in a systematic way. Expect low reps, max effort, and a chill playlist while you focus on form. Prior experience using strength equipment is necessary. 

Total Body Conditioning | Thursday at 7am, Saturday at 10:30am with Sonya

This full-body strength workout targets every major muscle group using weights, bodyweight, and more. Class includes cardio conditioning blocks that complement the lifts. 

Cardio Kickboxing | Thursday at 5:45pm with Sonya

Join Sonya in this motivational kick butt class! Improve your speed and coordination with punch and kick combos while increasing overall strength and cardio with athletic conditioning drills. Weighted gloves are optional. 

LIT Up: Low Impact Training | Friday at 10:15am with Tara

An energizing weight training class designed to give you the intensity you are looking for without the impact. There is no running or jumping in this class. You will use bands, dumbbells, and bodyweight to build lean muscle. Movements are scalable and appropriate for any fitness level. 



Browse our low-impact classes on our weekly schedule!


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