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You’ve got your vacation booked, but are you already starting to low-key panic about losing all that hard-earned fitness progress? Traveling and being away from your gym, trainer, classes, and overall routine can throw a wrench in your consistency, for sure. Staying on-track with your exercise while enjoying a break from the daily grind is far easier when it’s all been planned out for you! Personal Trainer at our 360 location, Danny Brooks has got you covered with a simple online workout! This 16-minute hotel workout only features two props, so even if you don’t have a gym nearby while traveling, you can do this routine from your room. No access to dumbbells? Try a pair of water bottles for added weight, or just go without.

Read on for Danny’s simple but EFFECTIVE hotel workout!  


4 moves – repeat each move many times as you can for 45 seconds
15 seconds recovery between moves
Repeat whole set 4 times

Squat Thrusters

Hotel Workout Squat Thrusters Exercise with Personal Trainer Danny Brooks

Get the heart rate going with some squats! Start off in a standing position with your feet hips-width apart, and your arms bent so your weights (or empty hands) are level with your ears. Descend into a squat , keeping your weight in your heels. Come up, and shoot your arms up as you do, straightening them out at the top. Keep your biceps aligned with your ears. Come back down, maintaining a tight and engaged core, with your chest high. Breathe in as you come down, out as you come up. 

Lunge to Curl

Hotel Workout Lunge to Curl Exercise by Danny Brooks with Jeremy Sims Assist

Demo assist by Jeremy Sims

Hit those quads and the biceps! Start in a standing position with your dumbbells at your sides, elbows tucked in by your waist. Step into a forward lunge, lowering your body until your front leg is at a 90 degree angle. As you lunge, bend at your elbows to bring your dumbbells up into a bicep curl. Make sure your knees stay in alignment with your toes in your lunge position- you don’t want your knees to go past your toes. Focus on bringing your back knee down to touch the ground, as far as you can. As you reach the top of your bicep curl, squeeze your weights. Push off your front leg to return to your standing position, bringing your weights all the way back down to your sides. Keep your back straight and gaze forward throughout the entire movement. Repeat lunge, alternating legs each time.

Renegade Row

Hotel Workout Renegade Rows Exercise with Trainer Danny Brooks

Next, we’ll target your mid and upper back, core stability, biceps, and deltoids. Get into position for a push-up, with a dumbbell in each hand (if you have them). Lower down into a push-up, and back up. Lift one dumbbell up into a row, lower down, and then repeat on other side. Come back down into a push-up, back up, and then a row on each side. Keep your arms tight to your body as you come up and down, squeezing your dumbbells when you lift. Keep your core tight, your back and hips straight, to prevent your body from pivoting during your rows. MODIFY: You can do this exercise from your knees to make it easier. 

Tricep Dips

Hotel Workout Tricep Dips Exercise with Personal Trainer Danny Brooks

“If you want pretty triceps like my boy Jeremy, this is the exercise for you.”

Now let’s get those triceps. For this exercise, you will need a chair or any flat, raised surface that you can find around you (a bed, lounge chair, etc.) Grab a firm grip on the surface behind you with your hands shoulder-width apart, maintaining a slight bend in your elbows to keep tension out of your elbow joints. Extend your feet forward in front of you and move forward until your butt is hovering in mid-air. Keep your back straight and tall, and suck in your belly button to your spine to engage the core. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows reach a right angle. Squeeze your grip on the surface behind you as you lift your body back up into your starting position. Modify: If the burn to your triceps is too spicy, ease up by bending your knees and moving your feet closer towards you. 

Do each exercise consecutively to finish one whole set of this hotel workout, and then repeat the whole set another 3 times for the maximum gains! 


Black and White Photo of Personal Trainer Danny BrooksA former corporate recruiter, Danny fell in love with fitness after a painful patella dislocation injury in 2009. As part of his rehab process he did physical therapy that incorporated Crossfit-style movements to build strength and flexibility. After seeing how well strength training assisted his own recovery, Danny earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016 and committed himself full-time to supporting other’s journeys to health and wellness. He enjoys working with all populations, especially people who are new to strength training or getting back into the swing of things after an absence. 

Danny teaches a total of 5 different classes on our schedule at 360! From the pool, to bike, to dry land, Danny has your fitness covered on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. Learn even MORE about Danny in his Staff Spotlight on our blog! 

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