Staff Spotlight: Summer Greenlees

Summer Greenlees Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

When you come to Castle Hill Fitness, you’re entering so much more than just a gym. You’re entering a community – an innovative hub of talented professionals who are here to support your fitness and wellness journey. Between our two locations, there are over 70 employees that contribute to our multifaceted fitness family – and each of them have a story. In our Staff Spotlight, get to know the unique individuals that bring the sparkle to our gem of a gym. 

1. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 
I used to perform fire dancing in a small circus group of friends in Mexico and also in Austin. I developed my own version of Fire dancing using slow, yoga-inspired movements. 

2. What is your go-to “healthy” snack or meal? What is your go-to “treat”?
I always carry super foods with me. In between clients and through out the day, I am drinking instant, living superfood drinks and loading up on nutrition. 
My go-to treat is cookies! I love chocolate chip cookies – the healthier they are, the better. 

3. What are your top 3 favorite exercises of the moment? 
I am in love with Sadie Nardini’s “Yoga Shred” program. I use a variety of her 20-minute workouts which combine HIIT with yoga. I love this anatomy informed approach which goes along perfectly with the somatic and fluid movement pattern approach that I learned with Donna Farhi

4. Describe your health and fitness philosophy in ONE WORD. Why that word?
Integration. I love that word because it speaks to me of the integrity required for daily discipline and making every day choices that are in integrity and alignment with the choice to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, integration speaks to me of digestion and assimilation of all the parts of the whole person, whole picture, and whole lifestyle. 

I love to be aware that during Savasana, all the benefits of the yoga practice are integrated throughout the whole person, and that practicing yoga has a positive effect on every other aspect of daily life. 

5. How will clients feel after working with you? 
Relaxed, refreshed, lighter, and hopefully, depending on our session together, with a deeper insight as to how to best serve themselves with their self-care practice of yoga, daily movement patterns, or massage therapy. If they are an expecting or new mama, they will leave feeling empowered, understood, with new resources, and with an even greater sense of compassion and understanding of themselves as a Mom. 


Summer Greenlees has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1998, and was the recipient of the “Best Massage Therapist” award from the Austin Birth Awards in 2013. She works with clients of all ages and fitness levels, utilizing a holistic approach that supports a healthy lifestyle. In addition to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy/”Deep Feet” Massage Therapy, Summer specializes in Swedish/relaxation massage, sports, prenatal and postnatal, and deep tissue and myofascial release. Summer’s yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions are based on a somatic approach – her yoga therapy practice specializes in movement re-patterning for reducing strain and tension in the body during the everyday movements of life, as well as movements of the client’s exercise and fitness or yoga practice. 



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