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Yoga Classes

We offer Austin’s finest yoga instruction in a supportive and encouraging environment. Our weekly yoga class schedule includes different styles like Yoga Flow, Yoga Fundamentals, Vinyasa, and Restorative. The MindBody studio where classes are held is fully equipped with yoga props and mats. We also host weekend workshops, multi-week series, and teacher trainings with in-house instructors and visiting teachers from around the world.

Online booking for classes opens 48-hours before the start of a class. Read our reservation policy.


Flow Classes

Yoga flow classes provide a unique cardiovascular element to your yoga practice. As you synchronize your breath to the movements in class you will begin to feel the immediate benefits like increased blood circulation, improved flexibility, and reduced stress. Most yoga flow classes are set to music, but not always. Class levels are available for Beginner up to Advanced experience in yoga.

Recommended classes: Happy Hour Yoga, Inspired-Shakti Flow, Slow Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Flow

Form Classes

There are other types of yoga that focus more on the shape and form of the individual postures. Build stamina and strength in our flow yoga classes that hold postures for longer periods of time. Classes may include the use of props to support the body as it progresses to more challenging movements.

Recommended classes: Alignment Yoga, Gentle Yoga Deep Stretch, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Prajna Yoga, Realign and Shine Yoga, Yoga Wall

Relaxation Classes

While any yoga class will result in overall relaxation, there are some types that provide an even greater calm. Movement is limited in these yoga classes and is often passive, done on the floor, or surrounded with a number of props. Surrender to gravity and experience a deep state of recovery.

Recommended classes: Yin Yoga Deep Stretch, Restorative Yoga, Heartfulness Meditation


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