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Water Fitness Class with Jeremy


Hitting the pool for some exercise doesn’t just mean swimming laps. Water fitness classes offer a full-body workout that effectively builds stamina, strength, coordination, AND cardiovascular health, in a low-impact environment. A workout in the water is perfect for anyone, from the athlete looking to improve performance to someone recovering from injury or living with chronic pains.

  1. Equipment-free resistance training. Water is 800 times denser than air, so any underwater movements immediately encounter more resistance.  The faster the movements, the more resistance, thus, more intensity! In a water fitness class, bodyweight exercises are intensified automatically, but props can be used for more targeted strength work. 
  2. Effective Cardio Training: No laps needed to get the heart pumping! 
  3. Low-impact: The minimized effect of gravity while underwater reduces stress on the joints and surrounding tissues, and helps reduce blood pressure. The water pressure also applies a hydrostatic squeeze around the joints, squeezing out inflammation and helping circulation.  
  4. Customizable for everyone. The water’s low-impact and therapeutic properties make them perfect for those recovering from injuries, pregnant people, and people with osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, heart issues, high blood pressure, and balance issues.

Explore more about the benefits of working out in the pool in our article on Austin Fit here.


Would you rather workout on your own in the pool? Our 360 location offers daily weekday water fitness classes in our heated pool. Come splash with us!



Would rather work out on your own in the pool? Learn a few moves from our water fitness instructors, then book your own pool lane



Work on cardio and your core and arms with this move. Use two foam water dumbbells. 

Hold a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip. Keep the weights half-submerged in the water as you bend one elbow and pull one arm back, while extending your other arm straight in front of you. Alternate punching your arms out, pushing one arm out, pulling one arm back. Keep your core tight and avoid rotating your torso as you do this.

Modify: Increase the resistance by speeding up your movements!



Grab two foam water dumbbells and hit those upper back and chest muscles!

This exercise uses the principles of the Reverse Chest Fly. Start by holding your weights together in front of your torso. Extend your arms out and pull them back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as your arms come back, then push your arms forward again and repeat. 

Modify: Make the In & Outs spicier and up the cardio by jumping your legs out (like a jumping jack) as your arms go out. 



This exercise uses two foam water dumbbells, and will target the lower back, arms, obliques, and chest.

Holding your weights vertically, start with the arms extended straight in front of you. Keep your arms out straight in front of you as you rotate your torso to one side. Return to the middle, turn your weights horizontally, and pull your arms back into a press. Repeat on the other side. 


No weights are needed for this all-cardio move!

Engage the core, and alternate jumping your legs forward and back while pumping the arms, in a skiing motion. 

Modify: Go faster to increase the intensity! 




This exercise uses a foam water barbell to work the shoulders, obliques, and back.

With an overhand grip, reach as far as you can to one side, and push half of the barbell through the water (like an oar on a boat). Pull back and repeat on the other side. Continue going side to side. 


Can’t escape from burpees, even in the water! This heavy-hitting cardio move works the core, upper body, chest, shoulders, triceps, and the legs. 

Stand at the pool’s edge. Plant your hands on the edge, and with powerful legs, jump and pull yourself up straight out of the pool. Lock the elbows in at the top. Lower yourself back down, and jump up, raising your arms overhead and tucking your knees up (that’s where the core comes in). Repeat! 



Danny Brooks

A former corporate recruiter, Danny fell in love with fitness after a painful patella dislocation injury in 2009. After seeing how well strength training assisted his own recovery, Danny earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016 and committed himself full-time to supporting other’s journeys to health and wellness. He enjoys working with all populations, especially people who are new to strength training or getting back into the swing of things after an absence. 

Click here to see Danny’s class schedule or to connect with him for personal training!

Fitness Instructor Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson

Josh moved to Austin with his wife from California to enjoy the Texas way of life, and came to Castle Hill Fitness searching for a health-minded environment. He’s lost 140 lbs over the last few years between a combination of diet and exercise, and is passionate about helping others get as excited about whole-body health as he is.

Click here to see Josh’s weekly class schedule!

Personal Trainer Jeremy Sims

Jeremy Sims

Jeremy has showcased his passion for high-energy fitness since his high school years. He spent six years as a combat rescue swimmer in the Navy Special Warfare before becoming a personal trainer so he could start helping people in their own fitness journeys. Jeremy makes it a point for you to enjoy your workout and makes pushing your boundaries fun. Your cheeks will burn from smiling just as much as everything else.
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