A Mat Pilates Routine with Jae Hoon!

A Mat Pilates Routine with Jae Hoon!

An Online Mat Pilates Workout with Jae Hoon Lim

On National Pilates Day (Saturday, May 2), we posted a beginner-level Mat Pilates routine with Jaime Fruge-Walne to follow along to – if you’re ready to level up the moves, follow along with Jae Hoon’s intermediate-level routine! All you need is your mat and body – get ready to get sweaty!


See beginner version of the moves here.

Hundred: 10 reps

Level 1: Straighten legs at an angle and lower legs to challenge the abs. Be sure to keep the lower back on the mat. Reach hands to sky, nod chin, lift head, and roll up to shoulder blades. Lengthen arms by hips and start to pump arms up and down from the shoulders. Inhale for 5 counts through the nose and exhale for 5 counts through the mouth. 

Roll Up: 8-10 reps

Full roll up. Lie on your back with arms and legs extended. Inhale to raise arms up towards the sky. Exhale to start the roll up leading with the top of your head. Continue to reach hands for your feet to roll up to sit. From sitting, inhale and roll back tiling your hips back. Exhale to finish rolling backwards reaching your heels away from your pelvis. Complete the roll up by lying back in the starting position. 

Single Leg Circle: 5-8 reps each direction 

Circle one leg 5 times counterclockwise then 5 times clockwise. Hover your head and the supporting leg a few inches off the mat while circling the opposite leg.

Rolling Like a Ball/Open Leg Rocker: 5-8 reps

Start with hands on ankles with knees bent, then round the spine to balance on pelvis. Extend legs in the air with hands on calves. Inhale to roll back and exhale to roll up and balance on the pelvis with legs extended. 

Single Leg Stretch/Criss-Cross: 10 reps each side

Bring legs to table top. Roll up to shoulder blades and pull one knee into the chest with hands on the shin. Extend the other leg at a 45 degree angle. Hands behind the head, nod the chin, and lift the head. Roll up to shoulder blades. Pull one knee into the chest and extend the other leg at 45 degree angle or lower. Rotate an elbow towards the opposite knee. Extend the other leg and lower it for greater difficulty. 

Spine Twist: 5-8 reps each side

Sit tall with legs together and open arms in a T. Twist towards one leg while keeping the heels together and arms extended from shoulders. Be sure to keep the pelvis stable by squeezing your feet together. 

Swan: 5-8 reps 

Level 2: Lie on your belly and place hands under the shoulders on the mat with elbows to the sky. Inhale to lift the upper body off mat pushing slightly with hands. Exhale as you lower the chest to mat and lift both legs off mat. Continue with breath.

Single Leg Kick: 5-8 reps each side 

Level 1: Prop your upper body onto your forearms for a forearm plank position. Anchor your hips into mat and lengthen the spine by pulling your navel in. Bend one knee and bring the heel to your glutes. Two small pulses trying to kick your heel to your glute. Extend leg back to the mat and point toes. Repeat on otherside.

Level 2: Do the same movement in forearm plank position. 


Shoulder Bridge: 5-8 reps 

Lying on the back with knees bent, feet firmly planted on ground, and hands pressing into mat by hips. Roll your hips up to a bridge articulating the spine one vertebrae at a time. Kick one leg towards the sky. Lower down the leg to the opposite knee height and lift back to starting position. Repeat 3 times each leg. 

Side Kick Series: 5-8 reps

From kneeling position with arms in a T, bend to side and lower one hand down to mat. Align the supporting knee under the hips and support hand on mat under the shoulder. Place top hand behind head. Lift the opposite leg to hip height. Start to draw circles with the top leg the size of a small hoop. Kick the top leg front and back. Keep the lifted leg hip height for each movement.

Teaser: 5-8 reps

Start from lying flat on the back with legs extended on the mat. Roll up the body and lift legs simultaneously to balance on the pelvis. Make a narrow “V” with torso and straight legs. Lower down with control. Head and feet meet the mat at the same time. 

Swimming: 20 reps/counts

Lie on the belly and extend arms and legs. Anchor your hips into mat and keep your shoulder blades gliding down your back. Lift one arm and opposite leg off mat. Switch to lift the other arm and leg with control.  Coordinate 100’s breathing to the movement. Inhaling for 5 counts in the nose. Exhale for 5 counts out of the mouth. Be sure to deepen your abs and support your low back by pulling your navel into your spine. 

Mermaid: 1-3 reps each side

Sit on one hip with knees slightly bent and feet staggered. Stretch away from bent knees. Push the forearm into the mat and straighten the legs. Lift the side body into a side plank. Lower pelvis to start position and stretch to the opposite direction towards bent knees and staggered feet. 

Push-ups: 5-10 reps

Full push ups. Keep your abs in and a long spine by pulling navel to spine, and your elbows close to ribs and hands closer together. Lengthen through the heels throughout. Inhale to bend elbows and exhale to straighten. 


Free Pilates Classes Until May 10

Our love for Pilates can’t be contained to a single day – we’re celebrating by offering you a WHOLE WEEK of FREE Pilates live-stream classes! See our Pilates Week schedule at the button below. We’re kicking off the celebrations with a special celebratory Mat Pilates class with Jaime at noon!


Jae Hoon Lim Pilates Instructor

Jae Hoon is thrilled to join the talented Pilates team at Castle Hill Fitness. Hailing from the nice Korea, Jae Hoon enjoyed a professional dance career and performed nationally and internationally from 1997 to 2010. Upon retiring at the golden age of 34, he became a certified Pilates teacher and has been sharing his passion for intelligent movement with dance and fitness community. Overcoming numerous injuries from his dance career has taught him the patience and the somatic knowledge to help clients of all ages and abilities.
Jae Hoon’s education includes an MFA, PMA®-CPT, Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification, and DanceAbility Teacher Certification. A lover of darts, he can often be found at Dog and Duck Pub, hustling amateurs for free Stouts and IPAs. Connect with Jae Hoon for Virtual Pilates sessions here! 
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