A Mat Pilates Routine with Jaime!

Jaime Fruge-Walne Mat Pilates Routine

An Online Mat Pilates Workout for National Pilates Day

Celebrate National Pilates Day with a 30-minute beginner/intermediate level Pilates Mat workout with Pilates instructor, Jaime Fruge-Walne!

Grab your mat, turn on your sound, and let Jaime guide you through a lengthening and strengthening mat practice. No equipment is needed for this workout, just your body and a joy for Pilates! 


Click here to see the intermediate version of this workout. 

Hundred: 10 reps

Bring legs to tabletop. Reach hands to sky, nod chin, lift head, and roll up to shoulder blades. Lengthen arms by hips and start to pump arms up and down from the shoulders. Inhale for 5 counts through the nose and exhale for 5 counts through the mouth. 

Roll Up: 8-10 reps

Half roll up. Sit on your pelvis with knees bent and feet pressed firmly into the mat. Extend hands forward with straight arms. Exhale as you tilt your hips back to roll back half way. Keep your feet pressed firmly into the mat. Inhale to sit up tall.

Single Leg Circle: 5-8 reps each direction 

Circle one leg 5 times counterclockwise then 5 times clockwise. Lengthen through the supporting leg and reach away from the pelvis through the supporting heel

Rolling Like a Ball/Open Leg Rocker: 5-8 reps

Hands on ankles with knees bent. Round the spine to balance on the pelvis with feet floating. Inhale to roll back and exhale to roll up and balance on your pelvis with feet floating.

Single Leg Stretch/Criss-Cross: 10 reps each side

Bring legs to table top. Roll up to shoulder blades and pull one knee into the chest with hands on the shin. Extend the other leg at a 45 degree angle. Inhale to switch legs simultaneously and then exhale to switch legs. 

Saw/Spine Twist: 5-8 reps each side

Open your legs mat width apart. Sit tall with open arms in a T. Rotate towards one leg and curve chest forward keeping arms long. Reach a hand toward the opposite foot and extend the other hand behind you.

Swan: 5-8 reps 

Lie on the belly with hands on the forehead. Anchor your feet on the mat and press your hips into the mat. Pull your navel to the spine to lengthen your low back and avoid over-arching. Float your upper body up and forward lifting it off the mat.

Single Leg Kick: 5-8 reps each side 

Prop your upper body onto your forearms. Anchor your hips into mat and lengthen the spine by pulling your navel in. Bend one knee and bring the heel to your glutes. Two small pulses trying to kick your heel to your glute. Extend leg back to the mat and point toes. Repeat on otherside.

Shoulder Bridge: 5-8 reps 

Lying on the back with knees bent, feet firmly planted on ground, and hands pressing into mat by hips. Roll your hips up to a bridge articulating the spine one vertebrae at a time. Press into the whole foot while reaching your fingers to the heels. 

Side Kick Series: 5-8 reps

Lie on your side with legs and hips stacked on top of each other. Angle legs slightly forward toward the front of mat. Lift top leg hovering it above the button leg. Draw circles with the top leg the size of a softball. Kick top leg up to the ceiling and lower it back down hovering above bottom leg.

Teaser: 5-8 reps

Lie down with legs in tabletop position. Exhale to roll up the body to balance on the pelvis keeping legs bent and making a “V” position with your spine and upper legs. Keep your spine in the shape of a big “C”. Scoop the belly towards the spine to engage abs and support the lower back.  

Swimming: 20 reps/counts

Lie on the belly and extend arms and legs. Anchor your hips into mat and keep your shoulder blades gliding down your back. Lift one arm and opposite leg off mat. Switch to lift the other arm and leg with control.  

Mermaid: 1-3 reps each side

Sit with one leg in front in a half butterfly position and one leg extended to the side. Stretch towards leg in half butterfly and then stretch to extended leg. Switch leg position and repeat. 

Push-ups: 5-10 reps

Kneeling push ups. Keep your abs in and a long spine by pulling navel to spine. Inhale to bend elbows and exhale to straighten. 



Free Pilates Classes from May 2 – May 10

Our love for Pilates can’t be contained to a single day – we’re celebrating by offering you a WHOLE WEEK of FREE Pilates live-stream classes! See our Pilates Week schedule at the button below. We’re kicking off the celebrations with a special celebratory Mat Pilates class with Jaime at noon!


Pilates Instructor Jaime Fruge-Walne Jaime’s love of Pilates started with her cross-training as a professional dancer. She offers a challenging and balanced workout focusing on breath, strength, and control. Jaime incorporates full body movements inspired by her dance and choreography background for an intense yet well-rounded flow. Known as a “tough cookie,” she motivates her clients to embrace the famous Pilates shake, and after, leaves them feeling more mentally and physically connected. Jaime works with clients of all ages and abilities ranging from dancers and athletes, prenatal and postnatal recoveries, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and seniors. She believes Pilates can transform a person’s life by incorporating its somatic principals into daily life and designs each workout based on her client’s goals/needs for that specific day. Connect with Jaime for Virtual Pilates sessions here! 

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