Winter Warm-Up: Membership Special

Whether you need to head inside for the season or gear up for a new 2022 workout plan, this membership special will give you a winter warm-up!


3 months of VIP All-Access Membership for $399
or Premier Gym Membership for just $299

This deal has now passed. 

Membership Benefits

**Steam, Pool, & Hot Tub only at 360 location.


Castle Hill Fitness is a locally owned multipurpose gym and spa with two locations in Austin, TX. We believe your health is more than just a fitness goal – it’s about community, variety, recovery, and keeping it fun while challenging the body and mind. 

Between our Downtown facility and 360, you’ll find everything you could want when it comes to cardio, Crossfit-style workouts, weight training, barre, yoga, Pilates, and more. Our 360 location even has a Steam Room, Dry Sauna, and Hot Tub for your recovery needs!

We offer a wide variety of physically distant, in-person classes at each of our locations, as well as live-stream and On Demand classes. Depending on your membership, these classes are included, or available a la carte at a discount! Our variety of virtual and in-person class types include:

» CyclingJust the Bike, Cycle Barre, Bike+Beats
»  StrengthCardio Focused, HIIT, Strength and Conditioning, A Little Bit of Everything
» Pilates & BarreEquipment, Mat, Barre, Barre Cardio
»  Water Fitness
*at 360
Aqua Fit, Aqua Bootcamp

»  Yoga

Flow, Form, Relaxation









Additionally, each location has a wellness and recovery Spa that offers massage of all types – Ashiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation, pregnancy, lymphatic, and neuromuscular. We have Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, a Physical Therapist, Structural Integrationistand Skin Care experts available to meet your recovery needs!

At Castle Hill Fitness, you’ll find amazing, seasoned professionals, a variety of training and spa services, and a close, positive community that’s always cheering you on! 

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