Now Offering Ashiatsu Massage!

Ashiatsu Massage Available at Castle Hill Fitness 360


We are so excited to now offer this deep and luxurious massage style in our Spa with Summer Greenlees

In Japanese, “ashi” translates to foot, and “atsu” into pressure. With the Ashiatsu technique, the therapist holds onto parallel overhead bars and uses their clean feet to apply pressure in broad fluid strokes. The use of the bars allows the practitioner to work with gravity to apply deeper, more even pressure. The result is an intensely relaxing massage session. The broader surface area of the foot offers a more comfortable sensation when pressure is applied, as opposed to the pointier thumb or elbow used in a deep tissue massage. 

Most Ashi techniques are done with one foot at a time, in a specific and focused way, or by sitting on a stool if using both feet at the same time. Summer uses both hands and feet during her sessions, allowing for a fuller exploration of depth and details. The pressure of the massage is completely customizable – it can be light as a feather or as deep as possible. It all depends on what the client wants! The deeper pressure applied with the Ashiatsu method offers a greater sense of relief to the muscles and fascia, leading to increased circulation of the blood, pain relief, and greater feelings of decompression. 

Find a whole new, wonderful meaning to the phrase “being walked all over”! 


Member Single Member 5-Card Walk-In Single Walk-In 5-Card
120-Min $190 $925 $195 $950
90-Min $130 $625 $140 $675
60-Min $90 $425 $100 $475


Summer Greenlees Massage TherapistSummer Greenlees has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1998, and was the recipient of the “Best Massage Therapist” award from the Austin Birth Awards in 2013. She works with clients of all ages and fitness levels, utilizing a holistic approach that supports a healthy lifestyle. In addition to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy/”Deep Feet” Massage Therapy, Summer specializes in Swedish/relaxation massage, sports, prenatal and postnatal, and deep tissue and myofascial release. 

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