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Water Classes

Dive into a deeper end of fitness! Fitness classes are great for any fitness level, at any stage in life. Water classes effectively build stamina, strength, and cardiovascular fitness, all while being low-impact for the joints. Some classes incorporate props to provide greater resistance in the water. Exercises in the water are easy to modify, but you might not realize how tough it is until your feet get back on land! Recommended attire for a water class is a full-coverage one-piece swimsuit, bike shorts and rash guard, and water shoes.

Online booking for classes opens 6-days before the start of a class and our cancellation window without a fee is 4-hours before class start time. Read our reservation policy.


Aqua Bootcamp

This is not your average water class. High intensity interval training meets swim drills and pool props in a variety of stations. While low impact, this class will provide a fast and fun cardio workout - come ready to work hard!

Aqua FIT

Find your fitness in the water with this fast-paced cardio class set to upbeat music. Low-impact & easy on joints, but not for the faint at heart!




    • Parents must stay onsite at CHF360 during swim lessons.
    • Parents must be available to take their children to the restroom during lessons if necessary.
    • Please, no food on the pool deck, hot tub, or sauna areas.


    • A bathing suit is required in the swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam areas.
    • Female swim students are asked to wear one-piece swimsuits.
    • Goggles that do not cover the nose are highly recommended.
    • Swim cap or ponytail is suggested for long hair.
    • Fins and other equipment may be suggested by your instructor.


    There are two areas for changing clothes – 2 private bathrooms upstairs and the locker rooms on the main floor.

    • In the locker rooms, children age 4 and over must change in the room of their gender with a parent/guardian.
    • Children age 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times in the locker rooms.


    • No running on the pool deck.
    • No horseplay, jumping or diving is allowed in the pool or wet areas.
    • In the event of lightning or thunder in the vicinity of CHF360, the pool, and wet areas (hot tub, steam, and saunas) will be cleared for a minimum of 15 minutes from the last strike.
    • Children age 13 and under are not allowed in the pool or hot tub unless accompanied by a CHF360 swim instructor. Parents may not take their child into the water with them.
    We want to make the time you and your swimmer spend with us safe and fun. Please review our swim lesson guidelines, policies, and tips.

    We want to make the time you and your swimmer spend with us safe and fun. Please review our swim lesson guidelines, policies, and tips.

    Swim lessons available at our Westlake/360 location

    Whether you have a new swimmer ready to learn or an experienced swimmer looking to refine their technique, coach Linda is ready to jump in to help them meet their goal! Read more about our swim coaching services...

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