Stress Reducing Tips for the Holidays

Practice Gratitude 

Person meditating in front of skyline
Try to think of 5 things that you are grateful for. It will help you to focus on the positive when negativity tries to present itself.  


Sherri Lepley Castle Hill Fitness 360 Nutrition & WellnessSherri Lepley is an Elite Personal Trainer and ACSM certified Wellness Coach. After a career in the medical community, she pursued her passion for fitness and preventative care. She offers nutritional counseling and fitness testing to help you reach your goals. Sherri’s approach is holistic and tailored to the individual’s needs – whether they are interested in nutrition or wellness coaching, weight loss, strength training, or support through cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Click here to see how Sherri can help you take charge of your nutrition and wellness. 




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