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Nutrition & Wellness Services

Adopt a healthy lifestyle with a custom-fit action plan! Nutrition & Wellness sessions are personalized, one-on-one sessions that will help you meet your goals. Whether you seek help with weight management, improved athletic performance, or simply finding balance in a hectic schedule here in Austin, Texas, our certified wellness coach can assist you to take charge of your health this year!

Here are some ways a Nutrition & Wellness Coach can work with you:

Pantry Purge

Set yourself up for success with a well stocked pantry of healthful choices. Sherri will walk you through hidden dietary don’ts hidden right in your kitchen! This service pairs well with a Grocery Store tour. Location must be within 5 mile radius from the gym.

Grocery Store Tour

It starts with the cart! Sherri will help you discover new brands, hidden healthy gems, and gain new knowledge on your weekly shopping trip.

Meal Planning

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Meal planning takes organization, but it doesn’t need to be all-consuming. Sherri will meet with you to share easy to replicate healthy recipes that make the most of your time!

Holiday Recipe Makeover

Have a special family recipe that needs some lightening up? Send your Great Aunt’s pie recipe to Sherri for a makeover!


Contact Sherri Lepley at to discuss the best way to get started.



Hi I’m Sherri, an Elite Personal Trainer and ACSM certified Wellness Coach. After a career in the medical community I pursued my passion for fitness & preventative care. I have tried and true methods that can establish your needs, identify the roadblocks, and assist you to meet your goals. I look forward to working with you!


60 minutes $110 $100
45 minutes $90 $80
30 minutes $75 $65

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