Member Spotlight & Interview with Margot Valdes

Margot MS Summer 2013

CHF: How long have you been a member at Castle Hill Fitness (CHF)?

M: One year.

CHF: What is your regular routine at Castle Hill?

M: Until I started working, 4 nights of yoga and two days of using the cardio machines.

CHF: What changes have you made with your Health & Fitness Lifestyle since becoming a member of Castle Hill?

M: My daughter Laura, and I have developed a love of yoga!

CHF: Do you take classes?

M: As often as we can, especially yoga!

CHF: What is your favorite class/instructor?

M: Matt Borer’s Vinyasa Flow and Led Ashtanga classes are our favorites. I schedule my work days around his classes. He is an awesome teacher!

CHF: What motivates you to keep on track?

M: The 45 Day Fitness Challenge earlier this year, initially got me moving. Now just seeing how strong I am from yoga is all the motivation I need! I had no idea that yoga could be so intense.

CHF: What have been the biggest obstacles with fitness?

M: Being sore and pushing through..

CHF: What are you most proud of?

M: My daughter and I have developed a great bond by going to the gym together and doing yoga. We look forward to it every week.

CHF: What’s your greatest health & fitness achievement?

M: I have always done something involving exercise, Indoor Cycling, Zumba, Pilates, etc. I love to try new things. I hope I have been a good role model to my children. I think I look good for my age because I have been so active!

CHF: Are there areas that you are still working on?

M: Finding time now that we are all busy to fit in the gym.

CHF: When you are not working out at Castle Hill what do you do?

M: Working for Virgin America Airlines and taking care of two teenagers.

CHF: Any thoughts you can leave us with?

M: I love the personal attention I get at Castle Hill. I always feel welcome there. Eric -at the front desk -always makes me laugh.  I also like that it’s small and I don’t feel like I am in a mall!

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