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At Castle Hill Fitness, we’re known for doing things a little differently than others. When a pandemic changed the landscape of indoor fitness, we changed right along with it! We went all-in on reinventing the indoor gym experience, so your commitment to your health and fitness doesn’t have to skip a beat. Our Workout Pods have everything you need for a complete workout, and then some variety of equipment, sanitizing supplies, HEPA air filters, physical barrier walls for social distancing, and health and safety measures in our facilities that go beyond recommended guidelines. We have over 100 Workout Pods between our two locations that are as multifaceted as our talented team of professionals! In this Pod Profile, get a closer look inside our unique Workout Pods. 


Each Workout Pod comes equipped with its own equipment – you can narrow down your Pod selections based on what kind of workout you want to do. In this Pod Profile, get an exclusive look inside Stretch Room Pod 24 at our Downtown location, plus a written workout from one of our pros!

Downtown Stretch Room Pod 24

What Equipment is in Stretch Room Pod 24?

» Elliptical
» Power Tower
» Bench
» Community Props Area 
» Plyo Box/Step
» Yoga Wall
This specific Pod is great for a full-body workout, functional fitness, strength and cardio workouts, low-impact workouts, mobility work, in addition to stretching and rehabilitative work. With the available machines, you can target all of the following:
» Abs
» Arms
» Back
» Chest
» Glutes
» Legs
» Shoulders

Need a Little Inspiration? 

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Keith Kohanek shares the workout he did in Stretch Room Pod 24! Keith made use of the Elliptical, the Bench, and the Yoga wall, with dumbbells and TRX straps from the Community Props area. 



Fast-pace on the Elliptical for 5 minutes. 



x3 rounds. 60 seconds rest between rounds.

Eccentric Pull-ups x10

Trainer Tip: “You want to take more time lowering yourself than you do pulling yourself up. Take 2 counts to pull up, and 5 counts to extend to the base. Keep your shoulders down and back for the whole movement.”

Dumbbell Single-Arm Row x15 each side


Balancing Curls x10 each side

Trainer Tip: “To help keep your balance, find a spot to focus on. Maintain an engaged core and impeccable posture through this – imagine there’s a string at the top of your head pulling you towards the ceiling and keep your shoulders down and back.”

Shoulder Tap Downdogs x6


x3 rounds. 60 seconds rest between rounds. 

TRX Rows x12

Trainer Tip: “You control the resistance (weight) based on where you place your feet – walk your feet closer to the wall to increase weight, and further away to decrease the resistance.”


TRX T-Rows x12


TRX Curls x12

TRX Jump Squats x12

Trainer Tip: “I love squats on the TRX! The extra assist from the handles and wall make it possible for folks to get into a deep squat while keeping the heels down and the weight spread evenly across the foot. Jump high and land as softly as you can.”


And presto! 

Your Pod Workout is done. Spray down everything you touched using the hospital-grade disinfectants provided in your Sanitation Station, return and spray down any props you used, wash your hands, and you are done! 


Reserve your very own Workout Pod at our Downtown location with just a few clicks of your mouse! 

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