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Jeremy Sims Workout for Pod Profile Main Gym Pod 63


At Castle Hill Fitness, we’re known for doing things a little differently than others. When a pandemic changed the landscape of indoor fitness, we changed right along with it! We went all in on reinventing the indoor gym experience, so your commitment to your health and fitness doesn’t have to skip a beat. Our Workout Pods have everything you need for a complete workout and then some  variety of equipment, sanitizing supplies, HEPA air filters, physical barrier walls for social distancing, and health and safety measures in our facilities that go beyond recommended guidelines. We have over 100 Workout Pods between our two locations that are as multifaceted as our talented team of professionals! In this Pod Profile, get a closer look inside our unique Workout Pods. 


Each Workout Pod comes equipped with its own equipment – you can narrow down your Pod selections based on what kind of workout you want to do. In this Pod Profile, get an exclusive look inside Main Gym Pod 63 at our 360 location, plus a written workout from one of our pros!

360 Personal Workout Pod Main Gym 63

What Equipment is in Pod 63?

» Smith Machine
» Adjustable Bench
This specific Pod is great for a full body workout, weightlifting, lower body, and strength and cardio workouts! With the available machines, you can target all of the following:
» Abs
» Arms
» Back
» Chest
» Glutes
» Legs
» Shoulders

Need a Little Inspiration? 

Personal Trainer and Class Instructor, Jeremy Sims shares the workout he does in his favorite Pod 63! Jeremy’s simple but effective workout utilizes all the equipment that comes in this Pod, and added to it with a resistance band from the Community Prop area. This is a 60-minute workout, book a 60-minute Pod and see how you feel afterwards! 



5 minutes on the Arc Trainer to elevate the heart rate and warm up the legs. Aim for a steady state of 100-120bpm for the entire duration.


x3-4 rounds each circuit. Active recovery with ab work. 


Lunges x15 per side: Shoulders back, chest up, and tummy tight. Back knee should be an inch from the floor before you drive your front foot into the floor to standing.

Single Leg Deadlift x15 per side: Feet should be hip-width apart, with an offset stance. Line the toes of your back foot to the heel on  your front driving foot, and focus 80% of your weight on your front foot. Drive your hips back and hinge forward while keeping your shoulders back. 

Active Recovery: Resistance Band Crunch x20: Resistance bands are a great tool to use in the smaller Pods, and are effective ways to add core strengthening to your workout while actively recovering.


Squats x12: Start in a standing position, with your feet hip-distance apart. Pull your butt back into a squat, nice and low, and return to standing, squeezing your glutes at the top. 

Stiff-leg Deadlift x12 each side: Same as single leg deadlifts, minus the offset stance, and keeping both feet right under the hips. 

Active Recovery: Resistance Band Oblique Rotations x20 each side: Extend your arms out in front of you at shoulder height. Keep the resistance band handles at the center of your chest as you rotate your torso, keeping your belly in tight. Make sure only your torso is moving, and your feet stay planted. 


Sumo Squat x12: Wider stance than a regular back squat. Toes should be pointed out at 45 degrees. Drop your butt below your hips before driving your feet into the floor and back to standing. Squeeze glutes together at the very top. 

Weighted Glute Bridge x12: Lay your upper back against a bench, and hold a weight on your hips. Lower your hips towards the floor and drive your hips toward the sky, while engaging your glutes. 

Active Recovery: Lateral Oblique Bends x12 each side: Stand with feet hip distance apart, and grasp the weight firmly in one hand. Keep the weight close to your body as you bend sideways with control – you should feel the muscle stretch on your opposite side. Slowly straighten out back to standing. 

Watch a quick video of Jeremy’s workout: 

And bam! 

Your Pod Workout is done. Spray down everything you touched using the hospital-grade disinfectants provided in your Sanitation Station, return and spray down any props you used, wash your hands, and you are done! 


Reserve your very own Workout Pod at our 360 location with just a few clicks of your mouse! 



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