A Balcony Workout with Danny Brooks

An Outdoor Workout with Danny Brooks

It’s the season for spending as much time outdoors as possible! When you come to either of our gyms, you can get an indoor AND outdoor workout on, with Outdoor Studios. Simply grab whatever equipment you need, then hit our covered outdoor areas to get your sweat on. And then quickly duck back into the wonders of our air-conditioned space once you’re done. 

Our turfed balcony at 360, for instance, also comes with some excellent views! Need a little inspo on how to use the space? Personal Trainer at our 360 location, Danny Brooks has got you covered with a simple, full-body workout! 


6 moves – repeat each move as many times as you can for 45 seconds
15 seconds recovery between moves
Repeat whole set 5-6 times. 


TRX Mountain Climbers

Make sure TRX is securely strapped onto the column. Place your feet into the loops, and proceed with mountain climbers. Focus on keeping hips low and square, core tight, and back straight. 


Weighted Squats

Go for medium or heavy weights, and hold them by your sides. Stand with feet hips distance apart. To squat, bend your knees and push your hips back, keeping your weight in your heels. Keep your chest up as you squat, then press back into standing. Squeeze your glutes at the top. 



TRX Push-Ups

Grip the handles and start at a 45-degree angle, with the straps fully extended. Lower your chest towards your hands, with your back straight and core engaged. Press back up to standing. 




Face the TRX anchor point, hold the handles and lean back into a 45-degree angle so your arms and the straps are fully lengthened. Use your arms to pull yourself up towards the handles, bending your elbows straight back and keeping them close to your torso. Squeeze your shoulder blades back, and keep your core engaged and back straight. Hold, then lower yourself back with control. 


Kettlebell Deadlifts

Place your feet hips-width distance apart, with a medium to heavy kettlebell. Dip forward to touch the kettlebell to the ground. Keep your back straight, chest up, and push your hips back, allowing a slight bend in your knees as your lower the kettlebell, keeping it close to your legs. 


One-Legged Jack Knifes with Med Ball

Lie on your back and extend your arms overhead with a med ball in hand (can also be done without) Make sure your lower back is pressed into the ground. Extend one leg straight out. Start to raise it up, while simultaneously lifting your shoulders, arms, and med ball to meet your leg in the center. Then slowly bring everything back down with control. Work one side for 45 seconds, then work the next leg.  



Black and White Photo of Personal Trainer Danny BrooksMEET DANNY

A former corporate recruiter, Danny fell in love with fitness after a painful patella dislocation injury in 2009. As part of his rehab process he did physical therapy that incorporated Crossfit-style movements to build strength and flexibility. After seeing how well strength training assisted his own recovery, Danny earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016 and committed himself full-time to supporting other’s journeys to health and wellness. He enjoys working with all populations, especially people who are new to strength training or getting back into the swing of things after an absence. 

Danny teaches an Aqua Fit class on our schedule at 360, or connect with Danny for personal training! 


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