Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet the Kumars

Member Spotlight & Interview! Meet the Kumars
Meet Pradeep and Rushmi Kumar – our first double Member Spotlight! This couple manages to balance work, family life and a regular fitness program. We love having them at Castle Hill and enjoyed this opportunity to learn a little bit more about their life inside and outside the gym!
Pradeep and RushmiHow long have you been members at Castle Hill Fitness?
Pradeep: I’ve been a member 8 years since 2008 Rushmi: I was a member in 2008 when you still had those treadmill “swimming pools” because I needed an indoor place to swim. I think I ended up only using those pools twice during my membership that year! I rejoined in 2013.
What does your regular routine at Castle Hill look like?
Pradeep: I usually do cardio two days a week for an hour a piece. On Wednesdays I work out with a trainer on resistance exercises. Rushmi: I have 30 minutes of personal training and I try to get one or two short runs and a class in every week.
What changes have you made in your Health and Fitness lifestyle since becoming members of Castle Hill?
Pradeep: Since joining Castle Hill, I’ve learned to incorporate resistance work into my routine. Rushmi: I am much more efficient with my time. I used to think that if I could not get a solid hour or so to work out, it was not worth getting a workout. But, I have learned that 20-30 minutes is better than nothing at all and often better than some of those longer workouts.
Do you take any of our classes? Who is your favorite class instructor?
Pradeep. I do take classes from time to time. I like the weekend Spin classes. I also like taking Pilates with Deborah West. Rushmi: Yes! Hilary Chung – any of her classes! But I tend to do her Castle Barre class a lot. I also like Maricarmen’s Shakti Flow yoga class.  
Do you currently work with a personal trainer?Pradeep and George edited
Pradeep: I work out with George Centeno on Wednesdays. He keeps things close to the chest, but he’s a great trainer. Rushmi: Yes – Hilary. I’ve learned a lot from working out with her. We are also both mommies of young kids, so her knowledge and approach have been a really great fit for me.
What motivates you to stay on track?
Pradeep: I am personally motivated to stay on track, but my family plays a big role. I have a wife and 3 young kids and I want to be active with them and I need to be physically and emotionally healthy for their sake as well as my own. Rushmi: I like taking care of my health
What have been your biggest obstacles with fitness?
Pradeep: The biggest obstacles are also the biggest rewards: my family. Finding the balance of time spent with family, work, and time for fitness is a heavy juggling trick. Rushmi:  Time constraints. We have 3 kids all aged five and under, and I like spending time with them! They can use up a lot of my time, so I need to make sure I have a plan each week and blocked out to get to those workouts and classes.  

Rushmi and Hilary edited copy

What aspect of your fitness life are you most proud of?
Pradeep: I am most proud of my consistency. Despite the changes in my life, I have always incorporated exercise since age 28 and I’ve rarely flagged my commitment. Rushmi: I am really proud that Pradeep & I prioritize fitness enough to incorporate it into our date-nights. We will often start out our date by going to the gym, getting a workout, and then we’ll get ready at the gym and head out on the town.
What’s your greatest health and fitness achievement?
Pradeep: My greatest health achievements include losing the weight I gained after shoulder surgery last year and running the Aloha Run in Hawaii 10 years ago of 8+ miles. Rushmi: Running the Chicago marathon in 1999 and becoming a yoga instructor in 2004.
Are there any areas you are still working on?
Pradeep: The area I am working on now is diet. Finding the right balance of caloric intake, fruit/veggie intake, and eating styles that keep me fit. Rushmi: Definitely!! This is a lifetime commitment, especially since my mind and body will always be evolving and changing.
When you are not working out at Castle Hill what do you do?
Pradeep: When not at Castle Hill, for exercise I like to bike around Lady Bird Lake and I am getting back into running. Other than exercise, my family and profession take up most of the rest of my time. Rushmi: I like to spend time exploring Austin with my hubby! I enjoy raising our 3 kids and exploring Austin with them. I also volunteer for a few non-profit organizations.
Any thoughts you can leave us with?
Pradeep: A lesson I can leave you with that I learned this year: an hour a week of planning your meals is work it’s caloric equivalent in a work out. Also I’ll leave you with the idea that at a gym, and at Castle Hill in particular, people come to do something positive for themselves: take care of their health. There is little more valuable than that. That energy conveys and it’s always the positive vibe at Castle Hill that I appreciate. Rushmi: Castle Hill is a great place to be a member. I really enjoy coming to the gym because of the community that you have built. I love that everyone is friendly from the moment I walk in the door! Kumar family