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In Astrology, the positions and movements of the cosmos and planets hold a lot of sway in our characters and how we connect with the world. Our individual astrological signs even offer insight into our ideal exercises! Pilates Instructor Celeste offers a deeper look into each Astrological sign’s personality traits and exercise style in this monthly blog series – this month is all about Sagittarius.


November 23 – December 21

Symbol: The Archer
Body Association:  The thighs, hips, liver, pituitary gland, and sciatic nerve.
9th House: Ruled by Jupiter, which governs expansion and how we deal with success. Concerned with adapting, blending, and generous sophistication. Travel, philosophy, and higher education all define this house.

To strengthen the body parts associated with this sign, the following Pilates exercises are practiced: 

Bow and Arrow: This is your symbol move because Sagittarius is the Archer.  
Boomerang: Your Power move! A reminder that what we put into the cosmos comes back to us. 
Corkscrew: Centering move… what better way to celebrate?

Sagittarius Motto

I see what I aspire to, and will speak my truth in order to achieve what I envision.”

Food for Thought

Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur, part human and part horse. Chiron, king of the Centaurs, was a wise sage and the first doctor of herbal medicine. Thus, philosophy, learning, teaching, and encouragement are integral to your Sag personality. Love of freedom, travel, and long-distance adventures are also inherent to you, and you may find yourself “running through life” like a wild horse. While mostly intellectually inclined, many Sagittarians squander their enthusiasm on high times and the good life. It comes to you naturally, since your ruling planet is Jupiter (aka Jove). Jupiter depicts the upbeat, outgoing, social spontaneity of the season. Folks born under its influence are born into a festive time of year, when fires burn bright to warm and light up the night. It would behoove you to learn to keep the fires from burning out too quickly. Try to slow your roll and keep the coals sustained by feeding your fire at its core level: the soul. 

Physical You | Sagittarius Movement Personality

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and legs. This makes exercise and spending time in the great outdoors important for you, just as horses need to run wild and free. The Archer is the great explorer, so Sagittarians are naturally adept at building strong thighs and upper legs – a little working out tones them quickly, a la Tina Turner! Known for her exquisitely strong, agile legs, and her vibrant and determined spirit, Tina epitomizes Sagittarius. I always include a little “Tina shimmy” in all of my lessons, because I find it most effective at releasing built-up tension in the hips and upper thighs. 

There isn’t a sport you won’t try. Sagittarius intuitively feels the link between body and mind and regularly seeks to strengthen both. You particularly enjoy exercise in the great outdoors. Sports like archery, fencing, lacrosse, rock climbing, canoeing, or white river rafting would keep you focused and excited. You may be especially keen on polo or horseback riding – since your symbol is the Centaur, you and horses can share a special affinity. 

The Best Advice for Sagittarius Friends:

Fueled by the fire that rules your sign, Sagittarians enthusiastically and optimistically embrace life. You rush out to greet the new and delight in the unexpected. Unlike the other two fire signs, Aries and Leo, you’re not as individualistically-oriented but are more into collective accomplishments and team sports. You work best when pulling together. 

It’s important to keep your hips and legs strong enough to take off on a new adventure at any moment. Likewise, it’s good to keep an eye on your dietary intake. Balance your enthusiasm for opulence with healthy nutritional choices. Harness Chiron’s “herbal medicine” aspect of your personal makeup to help keep you from galloping off too far on the wrong path! 


Watch a Demonstration of the Sagittarius Pilates Moves:

Personal You | Going Deeper

Positioned at the ninth house in the zodiac wheel, you’re spirited and frisky, and always striving to achieve the highest goal. You are ruled by Jupiter, the sky lord who oversees all on terra firma. The largest planet of our solar system also rules long pilgrimages and higher education systems. The equine theme of your zodiac symbol supplies many clues to your personality. Some immediate metaphors are: taking off at a full gallop, riding high in the saddle, shooting from the hip, and a cavalier attitude. You who are born under this sign share a love of travel, animals, the great outdoors, natural healing, and all things foreign. 

Sagittarians are the philosophers and teachers of the zodiac. They help each generation garner the accumulated wisdom of the ages to guide them. You’re interested in the ultimate truth- anything less wouldn’t be worth teaching to others. This can lend to your reputation for being blunt, sometimes to the point of fault. Practice showing goodwill by accurately gauging who is ready, willing, and able to hear your truth. Learn when to refrain from imposing your strongly held beliefs on those with other ideas. That way, you can express your philanthropic nature by sharing wealth of all kinds, including intellectual and spiritual wisdom. Harness the platforms of publishing, social media, and broadcasting to bring your world, and what you’ve learned, to the rest of us. 


Sagittarius personalities are larger than life, always seeking the rare, different, and outrageous. As a fire sign, you enthusiastically embrace all things, rushing to greet the new and delight in the unexpected. You’re extremely optimistic truth-seekers with adventurous spirits. You’re unafraid to interact with those different from you if it enhances your understanding of the world. Thinking big is certainly a useful trait but will only take you so far. It’s important that you avoid your tendency to resist taking care of the details required to implement any successful plan, and learn to develop a tolerance for the necessary and mundane. Try to not become so inspired by each new piece of information that you put off yesterday’s plans for a new grand scheme, courageously leaping without looking. On the flip side, don’t give in to an inclination to be too timid or cautious when you actually take the time to think about what is required of you. 

Joseph Pilates was the quintessential Sagittarius and founded what he coined the “Contrology” method. He was always aiming for the highest goal with arrow-like precision. Joe not only dedicated himself to conquering his own physical limitations but also became a teacher committed to strengthening both prisoners and wounded soldiers in a World War 1 internment camp. After moving to NYC, he gifted the world with his exemplary and unprecedented exercise system. Yet, a classic Sagittarius, Joe didn’t deprive himself of fun. Sagittarians like to party as much as they like to move and explore. Too much movement without a healing tonic, like Pilates, can lead to hip problems… or liver problems when Sags won’t slow down the partying. 


For those who overcome these qualities of excess and exuberance, the quieter, more spiritual side of the centaur shines through, evolving into its more compassionate and wiser human component. While the centaur aims his arrow high in the sky to cover great distances, the soft, flickering light of the candle in spiritual centers everywhere gently beckons to greater wisdom. By turning within, we can all reach out to the essence of truth, embodied in the philosophies of every distant land on the planet, so we may find the quiet peace of the guiding light. 


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Pilates Instructor Celeste Knickerbocker Celeste discovered Pilates at an early age while studying dance in LA. She has a life-long passion for movement and has transferred that love to helping others move well. Celeste is comprehensively certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC, and TRX. She has helped clients of all ages and abilities to move better since 2011. 

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