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In Astrology, the positions and movements of the cosmos and planets hold so much sway in our characters and how we connect with the world. Our individual astrological signs even offer insight into our ideal exercises! To help establish a strong foundation for the new year ahead, Pilates Instructor Celeste will teach a new monthly, year-long workshop combining Astrology and Pilates. In Cosmic Pilates, Celeste explores connecting the movement of Pilates with the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. In each workshop, Celeste will cover a set of “power” Pilates moves and how they relate to each zodiac sign that month. You can find a deeper look into each Astrological sign’s personality traits and exercise style in this monthly blog series, and then put those insights into practice in Celeste’s workshops – this month is all about Pisces.


February 19 – March 20

Symbol: The Fish (swimming in opposing directions)
Body Association:  Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System
12th House: Dreams, Subconscious Mind, Intuition, Imagination, and Secrets. The ruling house signifies the journey’s end so that a new cycle can begin. 

To strengthen the body parts associated with this sign, the following Pilates exercised are practiced: 

Banana: This Pilates move is a representation of the dual crescent moon glyph. 
Double Leg Kick: Your Power Move! This move really strengthens the back of your body to aid you in “swimming” through life. 
Upstretch to Swan: Your centering move, because it is reminiscent of diving into and coming out of water. 

Pisces Motto

I will realize my dreams, and I believe I can teach others to value theirs.”

Food for Thought

Deeply empathetic and sensitive to the emotional needs of others, as a Pisces you must learn to maintain your sense of autonomy while still “being of service” to everyone else. Your ability to perceive nuances on an almost telepathic level can come without loss of personal identity, and your compassionate nature can be expressed without undue self-sacrifice. Remember to fill up your own glasses before you fill someone else’s, Pisces. Similarly, don’t forget to keep a reserve by spending time alone and in the creative process. Your power of compassion must be directed toward yourself before you can help others from a truly authentic place. 

Physical You | Pisces Movement Personality

The perfect dance of nature is embodied in the Pisces fish. Imagine watching a large, glistening school of fish in an aquarium or on a deep-sea dive. You can see the ‘collective consciousness’ in action as the fish swim together in one direction, then instantly, without warning, flip in unison to swim another way. This kinetic communication is derived from an innate understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Fish don’t have a “hive mind”; rather, each fish choreographs its moves with others so they can split their time between swimming upstream or riding the current. On land, we see this behavior in cyclists in a road bicycle race. Without word, individual cyclists swap out places and take turns riding against the wind. This allows others to take advantage of slipstreams to recharge. Whether fish or human, we must honor the individuality of each who makes up the whole ‘school’. 

As a Pisces, you love collaborating with others toward a higher goal. Your fitness routine might incorporate teamwork or even volunteer work for an extra kick of “helper’s high”, since you thrive around positive people and situations. Pisceans are easily influenced by their surroundings, so carefully consider where you spend your time. Your sensitive nature makes you susceptible to toxicity in any form – stay balanced with a healthy, clean diet. Exercises and stretches for the feet (or even walking barefoot!), are a good way to stay connected to the earth while your head stays in the clouds. It’s good to feel the ground underfoot every day for a self-check in – clarity awaits you when you center yourself. 

The Best Advice for Pisces Friends:

Pisces, do yourself a favor by finding healthy and sustainable pathways to bliss. Obviously, your transformational path includes anything near water! Being in or near water nourishes your soul, and transforms by washing away the old. Embrace swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, surfing, or just walking on the beach to help you find your bliss and elevate your ‘natural high’. See if you can use exercise as an outlet for self-expression and joy. 

See a demonstration of the Pilates Pisces Moves: 

Personal You | Getting Deeper

Your ruling planet, Neptune, resides in a place where past, present, and future coexist. Neptune holds sway over a mix of human activities that stem from an urge to give of oneself- such as drama, film, dance, poetry, writing, and music. It rules unconditional love and psychic energies. Home to visionaries and mystics, Neptune dissolves boundaries and erodes the confines of reality, in order to unify. 

You have an exquisite eye for detail, Pisces, and you pick up on subtleties in an almost mystical way. This aids your superpower of compassion, which comes as naturally to you as breathing. Neptune’s energy bestowed upon you a propensity for greater understanding and the ability to be a healing force in the world. You are the last zodiac sign, and thus contain a little from each sign before. As a benefit of being last, Pisces can read nuances and hints, and perceive meanings instantly because you’ve been there already. 

Just Like the Sea

Your energy can seem like waves of water glistening in the sunlight: playful, glamorous…and illusory. Under the surface, the fish as your symbol could represent the constant fluctuations of your mind, stirring you into action as you move in all directions to bring your dreams to light. The key is to not let yourself be fragmented, especially where reality vs. emotion is concerned. In contrast, your mind can seem more like an octopus with legs meandering in all directions, easily causing your consciousness to flow from one direction to another. This may lead to tangled emotions or confusion about who you are or what to think – so it’s important to discern when to let something flow by you so you don’t get swept up in an undercurrent of feelings. Instead, try to merge your idealistic and dreamy nature with real-world needs. 

Dream a Little Dream

Due to the effervescent quality of the Pisces spirit, some people assume you prefer to imagine rather than act. However, the Piscean ability to manifest their visions and fantasies never fails to impress. Pisces view their dreams and fantasies as a prophetic vision. Your quest for truth and beauty will become reality because Pisces instinctively understand cycles and effortlessly detect trends. While a Pisces has a mild nature, your strength always shows. The world is inspired by how Pisces can turn dreams into reality, while still sympathizing with us in a heartfelt way. 

Given your sensitive nature, it may surprise others when you delivery comments with a gentle smile and the dry heat of conviction. Pisces. Get. It. With intuition and compassion at the top of your toolbox, you can be a salve to the emotional wounds of the world through art and creativity, as well as by being a good listener. Able to feel the drama of life as well as the tragedy, you can entertain the world in a way that resonates with many gifts souls. Though you’re sometimes prone to hiding your talents, one of your deepest secrets is a strong desire for recognition on a grand scale. Therefore, it’s good for you to store up your creative energy by spending time alone and shaking off emotional burdens that aren’t yours. If you open up to expressing your feelings, impulses, and ingenuity, your life will be even fuller. 


Celeste’s Pisces-centered Cosmic Pilates workshop occurs on Sunday, March 8. Delve deeper into how to best strengthen and fulfill your Pisces needs!

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Deborah West
Deborah West
3 years ago

As a Pisces, so wish I could attend!!! Wonderful writing and insight Celeste! You rock:)