Personal Passport Package


Try something new this year with our Personal Passport package. This specially priced package gives you private one-on-one sessions with our experienced staff. 

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1, 60-minute Private Training Session
1, 60-minute Private Pilates Session
1, 60-minute Massage

just $199


Our Castle Hill Fitness training staff are seasoned experts with a full range of specialties and certifications. They have your boarding pass to help you reach your fitness destination this year – whatever that may be. Private one-on-one training sessions give you dedicated time, attention, and a personalized plan made just for you! 

But let’s be clear – Your trip to a healthy, fit life is not a non-stop ticket to sweats-ville! You need to dedicate time to healing and recovery so you can show up to your workouts feeling your best. In the Castle Hill Spa you can book a variety of services like Massage, Acupuncture, Kinesiotape, and Ashiatsu to maximize your fitness gains and give back to yourself. Our licensed professionals together in our relaxing spa rooms will restore your body to optimal functionality. Now that’s a layover worth booking, no? 

Experience a full, in-depth journey of our health and fitness services!

Purchase through January 31, 2019. Visit our front desk at either location to purchase. 
Available to all current members

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