Unique Equipment At CHF

Castle Hill Fitness is a unique fitness space in almost every way, from our amazing staff to our out-of-the-box group classes, we strive to take what you know about fitness and elevate it to a new level! One of our unique features is our equipment! Obviously we have your standard treadmills and rowing machines, but you may have been missing some of our more noteworthy equipment! 

Check out some of our shining star equipment and learn when and where to use them in your next workout.


Jacob’s Latter

A Jacobs Latter is a machine somewhere in between a latter set against a wall at a 40° angle and a treadmill. It is an excellent aerobic work out that engages the whole body. Unlike a traditional treadmill you engage your core, chest, calves and hamstrings while benefiting from the low impact exercise. 

We asked Laurie Rouke-Korpi, our Training Manager, when and where the Jacob’s Latter should be used in your workout and she said, “I like to use it as a station in a Circuit work out. ‘5 minutes on the Jacobs ladder and then a set of squats with a row, incline bench press & lat pull down” She added that it’s an excellent  finisher after an upper body workout.

The Endless Rope

The Endless Rope is a machine that mainly targets the shoulders. It is a fantastic combinations of strength training and cardio that can develop more muscle groups like; the biceps, chest, forearms, lats, middle back, traps and triceps.


The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill is a self-propelled machine that allows you to accelerate quickly from a walk to a full sprint without making any adjustments. Because of the curved nature of the Skill Mill’s design you can do anything from a regular jog to using the machine as a sled so you can work more muscle groups than with a traditional treadmill. 

Nuffield Health 


The Power Plate

The Power Plate is a machine that uses multidirectional vibrations to contract and relax your muscles. The Power Plate is a full body workout that can improve muscle density, bone density, and balance. 

PureGym recommends using the Power Plate for your post-workout routine! Their recommended stretch routine is to  do the listed routine and “hold each stretch for between 20 and 30 seconds…” on each leg. 

PureGym Stretch Routine:

  • Standing hamstring stretch
  • Standing glute and hip stretch
  • Standing calf stretch
  • Calf massage (lying down on the floor with calves rested on the machine)

* The Power Plate can only be used with a certification by one of our Trainers. 

Want A Professionals Opinion

    The the information above can be a little overwhelming to take from the screen to your workout routine. Never fear! This is why at CHF we have new member orientations, where our instructors or trainers will take you on a tour that. is tailored to your goals. You will get the low down on any piece of equipment that catches your eye and much more. 

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