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Jeremy Sims Online Workout Video

You might be going on summer vacation and taking a break from the daily grind, but that doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to! It can be overwhelming to try fitting in a workout in between all the travel excitement – you’re away from your gym, your trainer, your classes, your overall routine. Who has the extra time to plan out a circuit in between booking flights and making dinner reservations?! Hold off on the emotional goodbye to your fitness routine, though – personal trainer Jeremy Sims has got your vacation workouts covered with an online, equipment-free video! Take about half an hour to do Jeremy’s Body Weight Tabata exercise anywhere, anytime, to ensure you don’t lose your hard-earned progress! 


Vacation-mode goes BEAST-mode with this routine focusing on core strength, cardio, and muscular endurance.

3 Tabata Circuits,
2 moves each Tabata,
20 seconds on, 10-second recovery between moves,
Repeat Tabata circuit up to 5 times. 

Ab set between each circuit. 
30 seconds on, 30-second recovery. 


Move 1: Frogger. Start in a plank position, with your hands aligned with your shoulders, tummy tucked in, back straight, and glutes down. Jump your feet forward behind your hands, so that you land in a frog-like crouch. Swiftly kick your feet back out into a plank position. Repeat this move as many times as you can for the next twenty seconds. Keep your core engaged, your shoulders and hands stable, and landings soft – don’t slam your feet down. If jumping with both legs doesn’t work for you, modify with Mountain Climbers. Start in the same plank position, alternate pulling one knee forward towards your elbows. 

Move 2: Plank Jacks. Start again in the plank position. Without moving your shoulders and arms, start kicking your feet outward into a wider stance. Keep your back straight, core engaged, and shoulders stable and stacked over your hands. Continue to jump your feet back in and out. If jumping the feet isn’t for you, do Plank Taps. Maintain the plank position, and simply tap one leg out and back in at a time. 


Bicycle Crunch. Lie onto your back, with your knees in a bent position. Engage your core by keeping your shoulders off the ground, and place your fingertips behind your head – make sure not to pull on your neck. Lift and pull your knee towards your chest, rotating your chest and elbow to meet your knee, and straighten out your opposite leg off the ground as you do so. Rotate and reverse the move, pulling your other knee back into your chest to meet the opposite elbow, and kicking out the other leg. Slowly continue through this rotation, making sure to go deep in – you want to feel this in your obliques as well as your abs. Go slow and steady, catching your breath, for the next 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds before continuing onto the next Tabata. 


Move 1: Jump Squats. Start in a standing position, with your feet hip-distance apart. Pull your butt back into a squat, nice and low, and from that position, jump up in place. Land with nice, soft feet, bending your knees slightly. As you land, push right back into a squat, and repeat the jump. Continue this jump squat for the next 20 seconds. For a low-impact alternative, just do Body Squats. Omit the jump after you push back into your squat, and alternate between squatting back and pushing forward back into a standing position. 

Move 2: Push-ups. Start back in the plank position. Keep your core tight, back straight, and your elbows close to the body as you low your body down to the ground, then back up. Repeat as many times as you can without losing your form. If this is too difficult, modify by dropping to your knees, and descending with a straight form from that position. 


Flutter Kicks. Lie onto your back. Keep your tailbone planted on the ground and your head up, but keep the neck relaxed. Lift your legs off the ground, and start kicking your feet up one at a time (like you’re swimming). You can keep your head back against the ground, but keeping your head lifted will engage your core further and prevent your back from arching upwards. If you are losing engagement with your spine and it is coming off the ground, lift your legs higher up. Flutter kick for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. 


Move 1: Jumping Jacks. Start in a standing position. In one movement, jump your feet out to the sides and raise your arms outward to meet above your head. Jump back to your starting position. Keep your landings soft and focus on extending your limbs nice and long. Not a fan of the jump? Modify with Single Side Jacks– Extend one arm and one leg out to the side, bring them back to your starting position, and then extend the other side. 

Move 2: Skaters. Start in a standing position, with your legs wider than shoulder stance apart. Jump laterally to one side, bringing one leg behind you into a reverse lunge. As you land into a reverse lunge, bring your back knee down to touch the ground- your front knee should be in a 90 degree angle to the ground. Use the power of your front leg to jump out of the lunge and to the other side, reversing the leg you land and lunge on. Continue to jump from side to side. For a low-impact exercise without the jump, modify to Curtsy Lunges. Continue to move laterally as you bring one foot back behind you, dropping into a lunge. Stand back up, pushing off that front foot, and simply step into the lunge on your other leg. 


Planks. Move into a plank position. Keep your hands aligned with your shoulders, core tight, back straight, and hips level in a neutral position – you don’t want them pushing up or down. If this is too much on your wrists, move down onto your forearms, and maintain the plank position from there. To spice up your plank, tap one foot outward, one at a time as you keep your stable position. Or you can rock forward, powered by your feet, and shift back and forth in your plank. 30 seconds of your preferred plank, and you are done!


Personal Trainer Jeremy SimsJeremy has showcased his passion for high energy fitness since his high school years, captaining his school’s basketball and four-year state qualifying track and field teams, then going on to compete in collegiate track and field, then carrying on complete six years as a combat rescue swimmer in the Navy Special Warfare. Now, he’s helping people in their own fitness journeys with six classes at 360 and personal training sessions. His main focus lies in conditioning, bodyweight and balancing exercises, and water aerobics – Jeremy makes it a point for you to enjoy your workout and makes pushing your boundaries fun! 

In town this summer? Hop into Jeremy’s upcoming pool series starting on July 17 – the water will be cool, but the HIIT workouts will keep you fired up! 

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Darrold Smith
Darrold Smith
3 years ago

Thank you Jeremy. I will try this. Gold’s is still open but not sure of risk. And I don’t have equipment. I’m doing yoga at home instead of CH. I’m running outside. I really need these workouts. I’m older and easy to lose it if I don’t.
Darrold Smith