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Deborah West

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Deborah West
Deborah West
Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 15

    Certifications: I am certified by Glenn studios, which later transitioned into Peak Pilates, for whom I certified instructors for two years. My mentor was Colleen Glenn whom I trained under and worked for two years. Colleen studied under Romana Kryzanowska...the original student of Joseph Pilates. I use my classical training to teach body awareness and create body balancing workouts. I use more modern Pilates techniques to diversify workouts.

    Specialties/Focus in Training: As a Pilates instructor for 15 years, my main professional goal is to teach my clients body awareness. This new found awareness is used to deliver an intense workout, create a balanced body, train around an injury, train without injury, learn proper form and integrate Pilates into other activities.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: My background reflects my passion for integration of Pilates into other activities. I have extensively trained in and/or studied yoga, strength training, cycling, boxing, gardening, jump roping, kickboxing and grappling. I enjoy integrating Pilates into all these activities, as well as, training for a more balanced body by practicing Pilates in the Pilates room....the school room for renaissance training!

    I have a B.S. in Public Administration from The University of Texas, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I use this degree as as starting point for my favorite activity outside Castle Hill and my own justice activities and study. My study and love of government and non profit work is based on my passion for helping others to achieve positive change...for and in the community.

    Favorites: I have a ridiculous love for God and dogs...and, I don't think it's a coincidence that the words dog and god are mirror images. I love a good margarita and a great burger with friends or family more than a fistful of money. And, I am happiest when I am walking my dog Angel or dancing to good music.

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