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AUSTIN, TX 78746

» 16,000 sq. ft
» 2 stories
» 3 group classrooms
» 3 spa treatment rooms
» 1 personal training only studio
» Pilates equipment studio
» 5 showers per locker room
» 1 sauna; 1 steam room
» 55 classes/wk
» Pool
» Childcare


People are loving 360!

I really love this Castle Hill Fitness location. It has become a part of my life, in fact! I initially found the gym because of a mom-group meeting there, but after that dynamic changed, I decided to join the gym as a VIP member. Even though there are gyms closer to where I live, the childcare facilities make driving a little bit farther totally worth while… There is a Mama Strong class that has so many things going for it : 1) you can have a non-mobile with you, 2) it’s a great way to start getting back in shape, if you’re postpartum, and 3) the other Moms I have met in class have become my new little tribe. I enjoy the yoga classes as well, and have tried three different instructors. Everything is super clean, and I can’t say enough good things about the staff either. Overall, a great and professional group there. I was about to say CHF feels like a gym/spa, but there is actually a spa as well. 

Emily H.

This is as close to a sanctuary as your are going to find in a gym! Here are a few reasons I love CHF 360:
-Small swimming pool that doesn’t use chlorine – it actually smells slightly of paradise! (Gym pool…how is that even possible?) 
-Hot tub, sauna, steam room are also nice.
-The locker room plays spa music and doesn’t have any TVs. Add nice wooden lockers with built-in combo locks, high-quality complementary toiletries, and towel service. You just couldn’t ask for a more lovely environment. 
-Very friendly, personable front desk staff. They greeted me by name after my first couple visits. 
-Lovely exercise rooms and equipment.

I highly, highly recommend this gym. It is a treat and a retreat. After a back injury, I was so grateful to have CHF as a place to heal and grow strong again.

Lindsay R. 



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