A Skin Care Expert’s Gym Bag Essentials

Esthetician Ciara Conway's Gym Bag Essentials

A Skin Care Pro’s Gym Bag Essentials

Nothing says “living my best life” like a well-stocked, well-prepared gym bag. You already know the bare essentials necessary for a successful visit to the gym (shoes – check! clothes – check! self – check!), but are you packing for your skin’s health too? Here’s my top list of products that I, as a professional esthetician, always keep close at hand. From pre-workout to primp-time, these items keep your skin looking fresh while saving you time in the locker room. 

Lira Clinical Illuminating Cleanser Gym Bag Essentials

Your Time-Saving Must-Have: Lira Clinical’s Illuminating Cleanser

We know- sometimes traffic in Austin sucks! It was ranked 14th worst in the country, after all. But if you have time for a quick face wash before class, this-time crunching cleanser is your friend. Clean your face before working out, to avoid a buildup of sweat and dirt that can contribute to clogged pores while you’re working out. Best applied with dry hands on a dry face, this reach and creamy cleanser can also be used as a complete makeup remover. Trust – when used before a workout, your skin will be fresh and hydrated! Follow up with a quick splash on your now-sweaty face after your workout. 

Skin Script Cucumber Hydration Toner Gym Bag Essentials

For Your Overheating Face: Skin Script Cucumber Hydration Toner

So your workout is done – and it shows! A little mist of this toner will reduce post-workout redness, calm, and soothe the skin pronto. Regular use of this oh-so-good-smelling product will refine your skin’s texture and minimize the size and appearance of pores. 

Baggu Reusable Tote Bag Gym Bag Essentials

For Your Dirty Clothes: Baggu Reusable Bag

Shameless plug to save the environment: This take-anywhere bag easily keeps your sweaty clothes corralled while you reduce plastic bag use. As the CHF Green Team lead, I love that we sell this super versatile and sustainable option. The nylon bag is extremely durable and strong, and comes with its own pouch to pack into, making it really convenient to throw in with the rest of your gym-going essentials!

Lira BB Cream Sunscreen Moisturizer Foundation Gym Bag Essentials

Multi-Tasking Product: Lira Clinical’s BB Cream

Talk about doing double duty! This product is a moisturizer, 30SPF sunscreen, and provides flawless coverage so you can save space in your cosmetics bag. 


We’re giving away one free bag of Ciara’s must-have gym bag essentials, valued at a total of $145! Enter to win by commenting below with YOUR gym bag essential! Winner will be announced Friday, November 15

UPDATE: Congratulations, Rosie! You won! We’ll be reaching out to you via email. Thanks for participating, everyone! 

All of these products are available for purchase at Castle Hill Fitness Downtown. Castle Hill Fitness members receive everyday discounts on retail merchandise and pssst, VIP’s – you save 15%. 

Ciara Conway Esthetician photo Ciara Conway is a licensed esthetician and has been in the industry for over 10 years. She is passionate about helping people achieve their skincare goals as naturally and holistically as possible. With an extensive background in adult-onset acne, mature skin needs, and rosacea, she can help get your skin glowing and acting youthful. 


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Adam Roggenbauer
Adam Roggenbauer
4 years ago

My favorite gym bag essential is a bag of trail mix. It’s the perfect combination of sugars and healthy fats that I can eat before or during a workout!

Rosie George
Rosie George
4 years ago

Liquid IV packets for post workout hydration (especially after spin or anything real sweaty!)

4 years ago

Gym bag essential: tiny bag for my jewelry! And hydrating mist spray.

4 years ago

Dry shampoo!!

3 years ago