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In Astrology, the positions and movements of the cosmos and planets hold so much sway in our characters and how we connect with the world. Our individual astrological signs even offer insight into our ideal exercises! To help establish a strong foundation for the new year ahead, Pilates Instructor Celeste will teach a virtual monthly, year-long workshop combining Astrology and Pilates. In Cosmic Pilates, Celeste explores connecting the movement of Pilates with the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. In each workshop, Celeste will cover a set of “power” Pilates moves and how they relate to each zodiac sign that month. You can find a deeper look into each Astrological sign’s personality traits and exercise style in this monthly blog series, and then put those insights into practice in Celeste’s workshops – this month is all about Gemini.


May 20 – June 20 

Symbol: The Twins / Yin-Yang
Body Association:  Nervous System, Shoulders, Lungs, Arms, Hands, Fingers
3rd House: Communication: ruled by Mercury; kindred spirits and mental connections

To strengthen the body parts associated with this sign, the following Pilates exercised are practiced: 

Standing Side Legs: This Pilates move clearly represents the symbol of Gemini, because both sides are given the same routine, to help promote balance between sides. 
Single Leg Elephant: This Power move also promotes balance between the sides, while creating full-body core strength. 
Saw: Your centering move, allowing you to focus on switching between sides. 

Gemini Motto

If I think it through and stick to an action place, my visions become reality.”

Food for Thought

Gemini, you may be the most charming of us all. Whatever mood we find ourselves in, when we hang with you we feel perked up, and life is just more fun. You thrive in thoughts of the future and you express youthful energy and curiosity about life. Your ruling planet has the fastest orbit in the solar system, which the ancients perceived to govern the mind, quickness of thought. You are vibrant, and this is how you touch people and cause them to react. Versatility is your gift… but unless kept in check, it can turn into confusion. Though great at coming up with ideas, we might be left to wonder ‘where is the follow-through?’ The antidote to scattering your energy is to be totally aware and grounded in the moment, using your intelligence to craft a unique set of core beliefs that carry you.   

Physical You | Gemini Movement Personality

Since you’re ruled by the fastest planet, one would expect you to be constantly “on your feet”, working off all that mental energy. But that’s just it: Gemini’s “quick” energy is often sequestered to the mental plane. My personal take is that Gemini’s movement personality is highly governed by other planetary positions in the chart. Try to avoid the negative consequences that can result from a sometimes irrational fear of boredom, and try to commit to a psychical methodology that challenges your mind as well as your body. 

Since you want to know a little about everything, maybe switch it up regularly so you can focus on “learning about learning”, but commit to a steadfast routine that helps ground you. A mind/body practice would be ideal for you and keep you centered. Your body associations include the arms, hands, and lungs. Focus on “meditative” moment that includes breathing techniques that can help clear your lungs and complement your penchant for communication. This would include yoga, Pilates, martial arts, or weight lifting. For fun, try expressive dance forms, like Hula, Ballet, Tahitian, or Belly dance. Or try something a bit daring like zip-lining or skydiving, which uses your hands/arms to help you “fly”. Just “feeling the air” is totally Gemini. 

The Best Advice for Gemini Friends:

Like a gem, your multi-faceted personality shines best with variety and diversity, and you generally function best doing two or more things at once. Watching the news or one of your fave shows while getting your cardio on is perfect. Generally, it benefits you to incorporate some kind of intellectual aspect, challenge, or game to inspire your workout routine. The flip side of this means you somtimes go completely insular – wrapped up in thoughts and bored with everything not pertaining to communication, vibrance, mind expansion. I know this because many of my longest, dearest friends have been Gems. 

Gemini, you’re talented in so many mental and physical ways that it can be difficult to decide which way to go. Because you’re multifaceted, your emotions run the gamut, and there’s often a lot of pent-up energy you either address or ignore. Explore something other than your thoughts for a while, and invite yourself out of your head. Even better if you combine the two and invite your thoughts and body to connect. Take the short journey and maybe it’ll lead to a much longer one. You’ll have fun with the process because you generate exuberance and enthusiasm. Though you can touch on almost any topic, what you do best is laugh – even at your own expense. 

Watch a Demonstration of the Gemini Pilates Moves:

Personal You | Going Deeper

When I think of Gemini, my mind immediately pops to a certain era of history, when the artists and Hollywood began to challenge the traditional, pushing the envelope by questioning everything in an intelligent and humorous way. An era when life was vibrant and fun and held so much promise for the future…on screen, anyway. Everyone had a thing to say about a thing to say – and we were all finding our voice again, not only as individuals but as a culture in “healing mode”. Glass-walled ranch houses, chrome-tipped sedans, bigger jet planes, galaxy lamps, the beginning of space travel are all things that personify the Gemini vibe to me: intelligent and forward-thinking for its time. Gemini not only rules thought and communication but everything pertaining to travel as well. Travel is a part of communication, after all. 

I sense it took a Gemini spirit to invite us to see beyond the heartbreak humanity met in the 1940s and look toward a bright, shining future. The culture didn’t need “deep” to heal the American psyche – it needed affability and hope. It needed a voice everyone could understand, no matter their IQ or vocation in life. Messages that spoke to people from all walks of life the same way Mercury traveled between the worlds on winged cap and swift heels. In myth, Mercury was a messenger between the worlds, mostly for love notes exchanged between the gods. Gossip around their stories gave him a dubious reputation. 

Try and Catch the Wind

Gemini nature can seem fleeting at times, leaving you to feel like you’re trying to catch the wind. Yet their sparkling, glittery spirit will entertain and captivate you. Not only are two of my most beloved female icons growing up, Marilyn Monroe and Stevie Nicks, Geminis – but many of my dearest, life-long friends are too (which traditionally goes against Capricorn sensibilities. My friends and I always got a laugh out of every situation and generally came out on top when we worked together. I think it speaks to the duality of the Gemini persona: on one hand, so easy bored, and ready to get onto the next thing…on the other hand, some of the most steadfast friends you could ask for. Though Gems appear to have a devil-may-care attitude, they secretly love possessions and security. 

Geminis are gifted with the power of inspiration and make some of the best storytellers and comedians ever. Generally drawn to the arts, through the creative process itself – not necessarily (even reaching) the finished product – you are excellent communicators. Particularly around things you’ve “heard” and your opinions, which always include AT LEAST two different perspectives. You always have an answer for every question, idea, and problem without getting emotionally involved. You seem to know a little about everything because your curiosity propels you to stay on top of the latest news. Your ability to occasionally distort the truth can be very amusing (generating a lot of laughs) and reminds us to have two minds, leading us to question that our truth is the only truth…

Walking the Talk

Truth is the highest goal of communication, yet sometimes trying to please everyone makes Gemini misconstrue the truth to make it more palatable. Gifted with an uncanny way of picking up on the unspoken, Gemini seems to hear thoughts in the air. Using this restless energy to aid in your charm, maybe you’re not considered profound by most, but you’re bright, intelligent, vivacious. At this time, especially, the universe asks you to be more discerning, to choose the path of authentic communication. How can you apply what you know to real-world situations by walking the “talk” and turning words into action?

Your wonderful editing ability can work against you in reaching your transforming path of relating to others on a deeper level. Like many of us, your tragic flaw can be self-sabotage, particularly when you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. You secretly wish for others to care to know and understand you, but your actions sometimes cry the opposite, complicating your relationships. By trying to understand yourself, then giving us a clue, you can make it easier for us all to get it. Though your intentions are good, you’re often in such a hurry that introspection is put somewhere on the back-burner next to all the other impossible tasks you’ll never get around to. Take time to correctly gather the best info possible and remember you have all the time you need when centered in the moment. Read, write, study, engage in creative hobbies. Finish what you start. 

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