Back to School Training Deal

In a workout rut? 

Grab this 6-pack of training with a trainer to bring your body back to school! 

Available for a limited time with select trainers. 

The Back to School Six Pack is a total reboot for your body. Working with a trainer can give you new ideas, moves, and motivation! Set yourself up for success this Fall. 

Our trainers are seasoned experts in their trade, whether it be strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, Pilates, or Yoga. We feel confident that we can match you with an attentive and compatible trainer to help you meet your goals. From developing a well-rounded fitness routine to competing in a high-level event, our personal services celebrate the “person”. (that’s you!) 

We offer a number of different personal training services from Boxing to Prenatal, High-Intensity Cardio to Chronic Disease Management. View our downtown training team here. View our 360 Westlake training team here

Choose Pilates, Strength, or Yoga!

One-on-One Session Package Pricing

  Member Non-member
Trainee $300  $360
Regular $390 $450
Master $420  $480
Elite  $450  $510 

Duo Session Package Pricing 

  Member Non-member
Trainee $180  $210
Regular $240 $270
Master $270  $300
Elite  $300  $330

Package purchase is limited to 1 per client. Purchase these packages at the front desk. 

Visit our front desk or call (512) 478-4567 to see which service providers are participating in this deal. 

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