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Your Favorite Summer Six Pack Is Here!

Summer Six Pack Training Sessions Promo

New to Personal Training?

Grab this 6 pack of training with ANY trainer to keep you looking fine during Summertime! 

The Summer Six Pack is not talking about your favorite frosty beverage. Staying consistent in these hot months can help make your routine less likely to fall away come the busy fall and holiday months. Working with a trainer can give you new ideas, moves, and motivation!

Choose Pilates, Strength, or Yoga!

One-on-One Session Package Pricing

  Member Non-member
Trainee $300  $360
Regular $390 $450
Master $420  $480
Elite  $450  $510 

Duo Session Package Pricing 

  Member Non-member
Trainee $180  $210
Regular $240 $270
Master $270  $300
Elite  $300  $330


This deal has passed. 

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